The battle of the eye-candy headphones: Skullcandy vs. WeSC


Next to photography, my passion lies between music and fashion. And of course, when I learned about fashionable headphones, I knew I have get my hands on those. Fashion and Music rolled into one.  So with the help of my best friend Google, I came to know the brand Skull candy (SC) and a few months later,  a new brand of headphones came up, WeSC. (I’m not really sure which brand came up first)

I’ve always wanted to create a review on my skull candy headphones ever since I got them  last Christmas (as a gift). But since it was my first headphones, I was hesitant to write something about it since I don’t have any point of comparison. Last weekend, I felt the urge to give myself an early Christmas gift, so I managed to buy myself a new pair of Wesc oboe. And with that said, I think I am now ready to write my review since I have two eye-candy headphones in my hands now.

Now on with the battle!

Skull Candy lowrider


WeSC Oboe

Set-up: Locked in a room at 1 in the morning. No other sound, aside from the music coming from my player. Music source  is an iPod touch 16gb. Type of music is mostly rnb and hip hop.

Approach: Will compare it with WeSC Oboe and Skull Candy Low rider. TBH, I’m not pretty sure if these two are comparable to each other but they come in the same price range (between S40-$60).

Price: SC- $40 , WeSC – $60

Physical Design: The SC comes appealing with graphics of skull designs and comes in various color combination. While the WeSC comes in various solid colors. No graphic designs for the Oboe model but for other models like the bongos, they have. Only the WeSC text on the earpads.

Band and Fit: The SC lowrider bands comes with a foam on the middle area of the band thus resulting from slippage since it’s not snugly fit.  Headband is slim and fold-able. Wesc oboe band comes in wide and flat bands resulting to better fit thus prevents slippage. Not fold-able, bulky.

Size: SC comes in medium while the  Wesc is between medium and large. I like the wesc headphones better cause the ear caps fits my whole ears resulting to less noise.  And as mentioned earlier, since the Wesc Oboes are not foldable, they are bulky for women who like bringing small clutches or bags.

Ear Foam pads: SC are thicker than the Wesc. Though wesc pads are wider than the sc.

Wire: Personally, I’m pretty particular with the wires. For a person like me who likes to abuse my stuff, I have to make sure the wires are tough enough to surpass abuse (ex. tangled wires, wires sandwiched between stuff in my bag, etc). IMHO, the SC wires are not sturdy enough to abuse. The wire nearest to the jack are not secured enough and is a bit exposed thus for my experience resulted from malfunction since  some of the  wires snapped. SC wire length is almost 3 inch longer than the iPod earphones which comes in round wires. Wire is connected on both ear pads. For the  Wesc, it comes in black fabric cord. Also Comes with a 1.0 m extension.  Longer than the skull candy with the extensions on. Sturdier connection between the Jack and the wire. And in addition. fabric cords I think are better than round cords cause they are thicker and has less chances to snap. (see photo below)

Wires: SC- white , Wesc - black

Jack: both are gold platted.

Comfortability: The SC slips easily from the head, headache comes after using it the whole day at the office. While the Wesc snugs pretty well but it pretty much gives me headache after 3 hrs of continuous use.  Well I’m not really sure if this will still happen after the bands loosen up after a month use. Let’s see.

Bass: SC bass is better than the iPod earphones. But I think the Wesc has better bass than the SC. But still incomparable to Bose headphones.

Overall: IMHO, the wesc wins the battle by the wires, fit and bass. I’m a bass person so yea, call me bias.  And the wires are sturdier (I think.  btw, my Skull candy headphones are now dead, thanks for the super secure wire connection at the jack). And fit, yea the headache caused by headphones is something to consider, but I like my headphones pretty snug than slips off every now and then.

Recommend Skull candy? for the ff people:

  • those who like their headphones loose-fitting
  • likes more designs and graphics
  • likes to save, this comes $20 cheaper than wesc
  • fashionable

Recommend Wesc? for the ff people:

  • likes their headphones snug
  • likes solid colors rather than flashy graphic design
  • big and bulky headphones
  • likes headaches (I kid)
  • non conformist like me (LOL) fyi: Skull candy headphones are much known in the Philippines compared to Wesc.


  • don’t wear chunky earrings or don’t wear any earrings at all when wearing headphones. They’ll be sandwiched between you ears and earpads. They feel uncomfortable.
  • After wearing both headphones the whole day, they both gave me a headache. Best to bring extra earphones when you can’t bear the headache anymore.

You can get the Skull candy earphones  and Wesc oboes both from Amazon

13 Responses to “The battle of the eye-candy headphones: Skullcandy vs. WeSC”

  1. 1 You can call me G

    good review. very helpful. only wish i had read it before my SCs died on me. :(

  2. hi, where were you able to get your wesc though? im currently looking for one… let me know please!

  3. hi, how much is it in trilogy ? by the way nice insight :)

  4. 7 Ariel

    With my skullcandy everyone knows what im hearing, and with my WeSC nobody knows what am i listen. (sorry for my english).

  5. 8 Aaron C

    I just got my wesc oboe 2 days ago and I think it really is better than SC. I also have a SC headset (viking hesh). its so big to carry around and It became too common that almost every time I go out I see plenty of people using one. I also bought my wesc at triology. but I wish they had more designs available (esp. the bongo).

  6. 9 miana

    do u know where i can buy some skullcandy earphones in manila or makati? and i want to have a lots of choices. please help!

    • You can get skullcandy heaphones from Republ1c or some
      Store in digital exchange glorietta or park square.

  7. hi! i really love this review.

    I have both SC GIs and the WeSC bongos.

    SC’s band is made of plastic that when it broke, I saw the copper wires inside and they are actually bare (thus broke along leaving one ear deaf), compared to WeSC’s copper wires which are wrapped in cable.

    I got my WESC bongos cheap as they had a 50% off sale in R3Publ1c trinoma. I love it very much! plus I don’t get a lot of attention when roaming around the Philippine streets wearing it.

    • good for you to get them at 50% off. Wesc are more pricey compared to SC’s but with that 50% off discount, then there is no reason not to buy it right??

  8. Skullcandy is an awesome brand:)=if u want wicked sound,and base,go freaking buy it:)=–theres only one thing- WeSC is better:)))))

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