Not Another Headphone Review – Monster Beats Solo


I know I’ve been talking about headphones on my previous post, but my headphone obsession has been bugging me for days now especially when the bf told me about the new headphones in the market. Introducing Beats Solo by Dr. Dre.

The bf and I have been lemming for the Beats Studio ever since it came out early this year, but the price tag makes us to forget all about it. For those who don’t know, it actually sells for $300 and around $440 here in Manila. We’ve actually tried it in the MAC store and I couldn’t deny that it sounds definitely good and the bass is superb. But to shell out $440 for a headphones, definitely not.

So when we heard about the Beats Solo with a price tag (retails around $180 from bestbuy) almost half the price of the Beats Studio, I was full of excitement and spent almost half the day watching unboxing and reviews from youtube!

The bf and I plans to get these babies probably next year when my brother comes back to US. We have agreed that I’ll get the white one and the black for him!

Monster Beats Solo in White - For Her

Monster Beats in Black - For Him

And just because I’m a true internet junkie, I even came across these things

Funny that I have to agree on 2 of these things:

  • Doesn’t break the bank + Good Sound Quality =Doesn’t fit your ear. My Wesc proved me that!
  • the Trusted brand name + Good sound quality = Costs a bomb. Yes, that’s Monster beats.

Again, sorry for all the techie talk, I’m just too excited that I have to talk all about it and be hopeful that the excitement will subside.

Till my next headphone post! xoxo.

4 Responses to “Not Another Headphone Review – Monster Beats Solo”

  1. I have ordered these headphones and can’t wait to get my hands on them! I would love to see a review. The reviews I have read so far are quite confusing because many people praise these headphones as if they were made by God himself, whilst others write that you would have to be an idiot to like them. The huge difference between the reviews almost makes me think that some people get headphones that are broken in some way or the other.

    • hi andreas,

      agreed! another reason why I want to have them. Would love to read your review about it. Keep me posted! =)

  2. 3 Mikko

    What branch of mac store did you tried the beats studio?

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