The 5th Asian Youth Day plus etc.


YAsia Fiesta!

How was your weekend ladies and gents? Mine, if described in a three words would be, Asian, girl friends and movies.

For some of you who live in the US, how’s  your thanksgiving? I hope you all had a blast spending it with your family. While on the other hand, for my Philippine readers, how’s celebrating Bonifacio Day? (Do we really get to celebrate it?)
For me, I decided to start my long weekend with something fresh and something I’ve never done before,  attending the Asian Youth Day (AYD). Fyi: This happens only every 3-4 years and we are lucky that the Philippines hosted this year’s AYD. No, I wasn’t a delegate, though I hoped I was. But since, I didn’t got the chance to attend the weeklong Asian Youth Day,  me and some of my church friends attended the closing mass instead.

It was a memorable experience indeed, seeing different nationalities come together to celebrate being a Youth of Christ.

Now, on with the photos…

Just before the mass

Snapping Photos

Procession of the Priests

We even spotted some familiar faces …

She reminded me of Mother Theresa

Is this Mary from Sound of Music?

Jesus Christ look a like?

And of course, we prayed, sang and danced.

Dancing to the tune of the AYD theme song


And the announcement of the next Asian Youth Day host

Korean representatives holding the AYD cross

I was glad after the announcement of the next AYD in 2013. Me and my friends plan to attend if the two things are met: 1.) we are still single 2.) We were able to gather enough funds for it. We hope! We still have 4 years to go anyway.

And for the rest of my weekend, it was spent on the ff:

  • partying and coffee with my girlfriends . It was T‘s post bday celebration and I was glad to see my lovely girlfriends again. The last time I partied with them was months ago. Hay, we’re getting grown up.
  • watching New Moon and 2012 . I love 2021 but didn’t liked the New Moon ending though.
  • hunting for the shoe that will match the floral dress I’ll wear for the wedding next week.  I wasn’t successful on this though.   I still have 1 weekend to go. Crossing my fingers that I’ll be able to find one. Anyone who knows where I can find some round toe pumps? In light yellow or pink please?
  • Trying out new food. The bf and I have always wanted to try Thai or Vietnamese food. Our first choice was to try Pho but I backed out and ended up on a Thai restaurant instead. Verdict? I loved the Tom Yum and was actually craving for it since yesterday.

And hey, December is here.  The breeze, the lights all the over the streets and shopping tells us its Christmas. Have you started your shopping already?  Me, not! I haven’t even started writing my shopping list. Well hopefully this weekend. I’ll ask the bf to help me  brave the Christmas rush. Till then!

2 Responses to “The 5th Asian Youth Day plus etc.”

  1. I already started…and ALMOST finish with my Christmas shopping, I’ve been to every bazaar I’m broke already! haha!

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