A look back on year 2009


Hours before the year ends, I decided to take a look on how 2009 has been and be thankful and appreciative over the following things…

1. Family and Friends: Family has always been there from day one and I’m glad there isn’t any major problem that came through this year.  And…  Girlfriends are the best.  By which  we just celebrated our 11th year of friendship, so no doubt about that.

Mom treats our special others like a family, so here's our family pic on Christmas Eve

2. Faith Family and Service: My faith family has always been my support system for x number of years now, and this year, I have proved that they will always be. CLW, brings out the best in me, while College Group inspires me to continue to serve. Plus being appointed as the coordinator this year  made me feel like I’m on a roller coaster with its highs and lows, but I’m still thankful, cause without them, I would not go this far.

College Group from the recent Silent Retreat in Pagsanjan, Laguna

3.  Purchases and Savings: This year, I was able to invest on my portable music system such as my Ipod touch, X-mini max and a pair of WeSC headphones. And for the savings part, though not much, but still, it was a 2009 goal to save, so yeah, that feels good.

My 16 gb ipod touch named Sib

4.  Photography opportunities: This year, me and my friends were able to put up a travel photography group called LATA (Lakbay Litratista) which gave me opportunities to travel FOR FREE. With that, I was able to travel Mount Pinatubo, Anawangin,Zambales and Lucban, Quezon for the Pahiyas, Festival. And add to that I was invited to 2 consecutive seasons of the Philippine Fashion Week. Though 2009 photography achievements didn’t surpassed my activities compared to year 2008, I am still grateful, but promise to make up by 2010.

The majestic volcano, Mount Pinatubo

Philippine Fashion Week S/S 2010

5. Work: Though the year has been tough because of market crisis, I’m still thankful I was not highly affected by the recession and all. And yes, without my teammates’ wittiness and cooperation when we join special contests such as Halloween decorations and nativity making, I wouldn’t survive another year at work.

6. Pixelgraffiti.wordpress:  blog is turning a year old by January first and I’m glad I was able to keep it this long. Looking forward to more years!

7. Special Other: Boo treats me like a princess and spoils me to death. Though this year was a tough year for us (with a high frequency rate of our misunderstandings lol!) but I’m glad were still holding on to our promise.  And were on our 3rd year together and hopefully another 3 years or more.

So there, hopefully 2010 will be a good year to all of us! Happy New Year everyone!


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