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I got a surprise from the mail yesterday, E.l.f. Studio Brushes that I won via contest at sponsored by MakeupMasala. I love E.L.F products from their E/S to their blushes so when Nikki sent me an email, (I even remember reading it during Christmas morning) I felt so happy and ecstatic. I know this […]

Life has been frustrating at the same time depressing for me lately. Most of the people around me are climbing up the corporate ladder, reaching their dreams, doing what they love the most, as if the heavens agrees with them always. I am caught in this depressing situation over and over. Getting sad, seeing myself […]

The weekend that has been (as some of you may already know), was spent on attending a friend’s wedding. It was a lovely wedding with a theme of red and black. I don’t want to talk much about their wedding as I don’t know where to get the inspiration to write, nevertheless I still want […]

I woke up today with sore feet acquired from wearing heels yesterday. I’m really a flat/sneakers girl but for special occasions like weddings, I know I have to pass on the sneakers. So here it is, my outfit of the day till night for a friend’s black and red themed wedding. The outfit is probably […]

Ok, so here I am again, sleepless (ok not really) thinking about my outfit for this wedding on Saturday. Initially I have no plans of going since I was not invited but the boyfriend informed me just this week that there were change of plans and now I’m going. Ugh. I’m not really sure if […]

As the year starts, and as everyone writes their list of new year’s resolution/s, I contemplate instead on my goals for the year twenty-ten. I’m a dreamer and I know I can achieve them one step at time,  one month to the next, one year and another. Forward planning, let’s go! Minor Goals For my minor […]

Hello 2010!


So here I am, still awake at 3 in the morning on the first day of 2010.  And before I hit the sheets, I just want to leave a simple note.  HAPPY NEW YEAR! Another year to make up for our mistakes and live our lives to the fullest. May you have a blessed 2010. […]



Happy first year blog! *cheers to habitual writing whether via pen or keyboard.