I’m a dreamer, one step at a time – 2010 goals


As the year starts, and as everyone writes their list of new year’s resolution/s, I contemplate instead on my goals for the year twenty-ten. I’m a dreamer and I know I can achieve them one step at time,  one month to the next, one year and another. Forward planning, let’s go!

Minor Goals

For my minor goals this year, I categorized them as goals that are achievable within a day, a week or a month. These goals are mostly material things that would contribute to my self fulfillment or maybe even others. Who knows?

  1. Start a scrapbook! – and keep updating it. It was supposed to be a 2009 project but heck, with everything else lined up for 2009, I lack time. But I’m glad 2010 is here, another year to try!
  2. Continue writing – as I’ve said on this post, It was a 2009 goal to keep a blog to enhance my writing skills and I’m glad it was  success. For this year, I will continue to write, frequently than 2009, if time permits.
  3. Buy a musical instrument(s) for College Group – after the success of our worship (music) themed retreat before 2009 ends, I am inspired to buy a  guitar or an acoustic box (a.k.a. “kahon”) for them. I wanted to contribute something to their musical growth in any way possible for this year.
  4. Attend a  formal dance class – this is another 2009 goal failed. This year, I’m not aiming for a month long dance class, a one day or 2 day workshop would still suffice. I have attended countless of informal dance class but this time I want something formal. A  room with ceiling high mirrors mounted on the wall, a teacher and classmates with the same interest. Any thing to do with dancing. That’s it.
  5. Be fit – Ever since I started working, I’m eating reckless, buying every junk food I can think of , any time I want it. This year, I want to feel healthy, less binging, and with a target weight of 100lbs or close! And I have to at least increase my stamina just before the month ends because me and my friends plans to hike Mt. Pulag on the 30th!( it’s highest peak on Luzon btw!) Oh God, help me please!
  6. Photo Gallery inside my room – last year, I plan to print and frame at least 1 photo a month and collect at least a total of 12 photos in a year.And hang them all in the white wall of my room.But sad to admit, I failed. But will try again this year.
  7. Room makeover – With the Ondoy storm leaving my room almost empty, I planned to do a room make over with a shabby chick theme just before year 2009 ends. But I realized I need a budget for that, and up to date, I’m still saving and buying small key pieces to achieve the look. And yes, Thank you to mom for buying me a new bed. But I still need to paint it white though! Hopefully this year, I’ll get to pull it through!

Major Goals

Moving with my major goals, these are goals that are achievable throughout the year. They  may need huge amount of money , time and dedication. So on to the next!

  1. Get a new job – when I found my first job back in 2007, I said to myself to get a new job after 2 years. and here I am still looking for one. Whether overseas or local, it doesn’t matter. All I know is, I need 2 things:  career growth and salary increase.
  2. Get braces – I had braces when I was in 5th grade, and here I am needing them again. My lower teeth is getting crowded and I want them to be done just before I get married by year XXXX. LOL. So if not this year, when?
  3. Focus and be serious with photography – I want to bring my craft to the next level. And with that, I mean, devote more time,  learn and master on a new field (let’s say fashion?) , and join more photo contests. And if my wallet permits, buy at least one camera accessory, a flash perhaps?
  4. Get organized – another 2009 goal that I failed miserably. Sure I keep an organizer/ planner on hand, but still I need to organize things in my closet/ room/ bag. No promises this year, but will try.
  5. Track Expenses and less impulsive buys – For 2009,  my CC bill shoot up compared to my expenses from year 2008. This year, I plan to track my expenses by keeping a file on google docs that I can update anywhere (as long as internet is available). And hopefully, by tracking them expenses will lead me to less impulsive buys every time I go to mall.
  6. Save/ Invest – I’m not really sure if I’m ready to invest on insurance/stocks this year, as my financial knowledge with those things is far from what is needed. but in  any case, I will surely stick with my auto- savings decreased from my payroll account. and hopefully if I’d be able to do the previous goal, then that means, more savings this year!
  7. Buy a new laptop – My laptop named BLIX served me for more than four years and 2009 was the year that it has come to its end. I’m hoping this year to replace it so that I can dedicate more time on improving my digital art skills, including photography editing. And if my budget permits, and if Goal #1 is achieved, I want a MacBook pro, 13 inch please.
  8. Travel – last year, I visited 4 Philippine tourist spots I’ve never been to. This year, I want to set foot on more places. And that Mt. Pulag trip, will be my kick off.
  9. Continue to serve/ Paying it forward – TBH, I’m not really sure I’ll be able to serve CG all year round but this is a promise I want to keep to myself; to continuously serve others in any way. Whether through photography, reaching out to the poor, joining outreach programs and such. I’m not really sure how, but I want to give back all the blessings to where it belongs. So I will grab any opportunity to pay it forward.

Whew! That was a long list huh? But yes, I intentionally wrote everything I want this year. I think its better to overwrite, and be more of a dreamer. and if I won’t be able to do it this year, I still have next year to try again. right?

Hope you all have a blessed 2010.

ps. Big things starts from a small vision. Keep that in mind!

4 Responses to “I’m a dreamer, one step at a time – 2010 goals”

  1. Nice goals! I also failed on a lot of my to dos for 2009, but let’s try harder this year okay? =) And must I tell you that your writing skills have improved dramatically? so keep writing!!!! =)

    • wow dang, I’ve always admired your writing skills and a compliment coming from you means a lot. thank you !

  2. I originally read this in FB though I wasn’t able to comment. Your goals are very specific — which is a great thing! Goodluck, sis and I’m sure you’ll be able to most if not all of it. One of the things I admire you for is your drive. So go, go go! :)

    • Thanks sis! It really helps when I know there are people who support me reach my dreams. I makes me feel driven even more.

      Thank you!

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