Outfit dilemma #2: Black and Red Wedding


Ok, so here I am again, sleepless (ok not really) thinking about my outfit for this wedding on Saturday. Initially I have no plans of going since I was not invited but the boyfriend informed me just this week that there were change of plans and now I’m going.

Ugh. I’m not really sure if that’s good news or not. Why? Good: cause I’ll be able to spend time with the boyfriend and his friends Bad: Cause I have to come up with an outfit within a week! Ok, you know how I planned my previous outfit right? That took me a month! Really, no kidding! So now, I have to rummage my closet and find dress/es that I can wear. And yes, thank God I found two LBDs sitting on my closet. I had them trimmed just above the knee and now though I have a dress to wear, I don’t know which one to use! So below I came up with 2 styles to wear for the wedding and hopefully you guys can help me out pick which one. Let me know which one is wedding appropriate and hopefully, I can post my actual outfit after the wedding.

Black and Red - Set

Black and red – set 2 by pixelgraffiti featuring Forever21

Black and red - set 2

Oh, and one more thing: this or this make-up? I know I can be too pickle-minded at times!

Till then!

2 Responses to “Outfit dilemma #2: Black and Red Wedding”

  1. I vote for #2! :)

  2. sis I picked outfit #2 too! I’m so into vintage/classy looks lately.

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