Black and Red Outfit


I woke up today with sore feet acquired from wearing heels yesterday. I’m really a flat/sneakers girl but for special occasions like weddings, I know I have to pass on the sneakers. So here it is, my outfit of the day till night for a friend’s black and red themed wedding. The outfit is probably similar to my BnW set2 on polyvore. I chose this cause I find it classy and vintage-y (if there’s such word). I  passed on the red shoes because the boy thinks its an overkill if I wear red shoes, and for some reason, I was convinced. And also for the red clutch cause I can’t find a decent style that would match my outfit.  Note to self: I’m one step closer to getting used to wearing red lips.

Here’s the breakdown:

  • Red headband from Kush – Glorietta ($.50)
  • Vittorio Dress for Sari-Sari store – ($40) Trivia: This was my graduation dress and the original length was below my knee. Had it trimmed by my grandmother so that I can wear it as an LBD.
  • Annie Shoes – Landmark ($10)
  • Belt – Sm department Store ($4)
  • Black Sling Bag – Mom’s
  • Jewelries -Mom’s
  • Red nail polish – Ellianto
  • Red lipstick – Coffret D’or
  • Esprit silver Watch – gift from the bf

2 Responses to “Black and Red Outfit”

  1. Nice outfit sis! I love to wear that myself, but I won’t pass on the red shoes OR red clutch =)

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