E.L.F. Studio Brushes


I got a surprise from the mail yesterday, E.l.f. Studio Brushes that I won via contest at Askmewhats.com sponsored by MakeupMasala. I love E.L.F products from their E/S to their blushes so when Nikki sent me an email, (I even remember reading it during Christmas morning) I felt so happy and ecstatic.

I know this blog has turned out to be an all-in-one blog. From personal posts, photography, food, techy reviews to beauty and fashion. But let me share something for the makeup enthusiast out there who happen to stumble upon this blog. First impressions and close-up photos on the elf studio brush line after the jump..

10 pc brush set inpouch

I don’t really consider myself as a beauty blogger, so don’t expect me to write an in-depth review about the individual brushes. But let me share to you my first impressions about these babies.

From Elf website:

e.l.f. Studio is the luxurious and professional line of cosmetics for the makeup artist in all of us. The chic packaging and products are timeless and sexy for a prestige experience with every use.10 pc brush set with  pouch


  • Black and professional looking handles- since the studio is the luxurious line of E.l.f cosmetics, e.lf. decided to give it a black matte finish to give the professional look. I don’t own a lot brush sets, but this set of brushes are the most professional looking brushes I  own.  I will most probably bring this along if I’m asked to be the MUA for an impromptu photo session with my photographer friends, and hopefully they will believe that I know how to put makeup on.
  • Soft– The brushes are made of Taklon. Almost as soft as the V&M brushes that I own. If not, even better.
  • Sleek Case– The case comes with a black plain waterproof case. I don’t know if this may be a con for some , but the plain black case gave me the impression of professionalism. I don’t want cases with big brands written on the front of the cases, unless their MAC. lol. So yea that’s a pro for me.  and did I mentioned I love details, the zipper handle has “E.L.F” imprinted on it.

  • Handles with labels – The handles come with labels so for the first timers and the not so makeup enthusiasts, this will serve as a guide on where/how to use a particular brush.

  • Doesn’t shed or bleed.
  • Affordable– $30 dollars for 10 pc brush set, also comes with a pouch/sleeve.
  • Can be purchased individually – $3/ piece


  • Black brush color – This maybe a pro  for the blush and foundation brushes since the user may be able to see how much powder the brush has already picked up, but for the dark toned E/S, the user will not be able to gauge how much product the brush has.
  • Not locally available – I visit the elf stand at Watson’s every time I get the chance, though they are already  introducing a few studio line makeups on their stand, but except for the kabuki brush, I haven’t seen any studio line brushes yet. But if you really want to have one, you can get it from Makeup Mix Shop that comes in affordable shipping fee.

Overall: Even before I own these brushes, I’m already a fan of elf because of its affordability but at the same time quality products. I recommend the studio line products for those who want to shell out more (if compared to their regular line) at the same time wants professional looking cosmetics / accessories.

ps. I purchased the E.L.F studio blush in candid coral last week and currently loving it. It has  similarity to NARS’ packaging and comes with a small mirror inside. You might want to consider it once you drop by Elf sometime.

4 Responses to “E.L.F. Studio Brushes”

  1. Thanks for letting me know you received the winnings! Congratulations again and enjoy! :)

  2. Hi..I am reading your page for a few days now is there any way to subscribe by email

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