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Things between us are doing good. Last Tuesday, me and N were able to meet the producer for the dream catcher’s project (mentioned here). By which co-incidentally (or what I would like to believe as “destiny”), was the same person,¬† N bought a beat from last year. Yes, he bought a beat last year but […]

So how was your weekend spent? Mine,was spent not solely for the bf but with most people close to my heart. Saturday was a long day, spent the morning with family on my cousin’s son 7th birthday. I was the designated photographer. So basically, I’m running around with a kilo down my neck. After lunch, […]

We don’t really celebrate valentines. Not that I hate valentines. But I do believe couples should celebrate their love everyday and not just because the season tells so.

But just for the sake of kickin’ with it, I made a gift for him. A scrap(book) art! I’ve always wanted to create a scrapbook and finally bought materials today. I haven’t started with my real scrapbook but hopefully this will be the start.

and before I leave, here goes my message:

For those who have their special someone, Happy Hearts Day!
For those who don’t have a special someone, Happy Singles awareness Day!
And for those who are chinese, Kung Hai Fat chai or Happy Chinese New Year!

Enjoy the weekend everyone!

The boyfriend just turned a year older! And guess what I had for him? A surprise birthday party with his Highschool (H.S.) friends. (Sorry other friends, I wasn’t able to invite everyone. reason: limited resource) So for this post, I would just like to take note on how I crossed out one entry (or two, […]

Yesterday was one of the saddest day of my life. I woke up with my mom rushing to get out of the house, teary eyed and on panic. I didn’t asked her why, instead, I took a shower and got ready for work. I had to admit, I was worried, but I chose¬† not to […]

Time flies, and its already the love month. But no, this is not an advance Valentines gift. (See photo above) This is a long overdue post that was supposed to be for the holidays. But since my schedule was jam packed throughout the season, I forgot all about this box. You see, last Christmas, the […]