Pimp my camera pt.1 -YXTM battery grip


Time flies, and its already the love month. But no, this is not an advance Valentines gift. (See photo above) This is a long overdue post that was supposed to be for the holidays. But since my schedule was jam packed throughout the season, I forgot all about this box. You see, last Christmas, the boyfriend gave me this huge red box full of goodies. And Goodies by means – 2 camera accessories, a Starbucks planner and handwritten note. Ever since I bought my camera last 2008, the boyfriend continues to spoil me with camera accessories.  Sometimes I feel guilty that he buys all these stuff even if it cost a fortune. Even if his not into cameras and all the technicalities that comes with it, I’m amazed on how he comes up with this gift ideas. Like he knows what I needed the most.

To be honest, the only accessory I bought for this hobby are a tripod, a lenspen and some filters, which are inexpensive that only cost 1k($20) tops. The rest were provided by him, From lenses to camera bag.He likes pimping my camera, extending the size of it one accessory at a time.

Nikon D40 without grip V.S. with YXTM grip

This time, he bought me a battery grip. (see photo above)Obviously, the  grip have made the camera look much bigger by atleast 40%. I’ve always wanted to have a battery grip, but I thought of not buying one for myself since it’s not really a need, but rather a want. It wont make any difference to my photos anyway but rather just change the physical appearance of my camera and give it an extra juice.

I never realized how small my camera was not until I had this battery grip. Before I was contented with the size of it but now that I tried shooting with the grip attached, I don’t think I’m shooting without the grip again.

And just to make this post sensible for those who got here for searching the word “YXTM battery grip”, here’s my quick thoughts about it:


  • allows vertical shooting
  • gives extra juice – allows 2 EN-EL9. This is useful for events and long exposures since one doesn’t need to change batteries  in between shooting, unless you’ve already drained up the 2 batteries.
  • Makes your camera look bigger and professional – Sadly as it may seem, people who don’t know much about photography will judge you on how big your camera is. If you’re investing on events, you might as well give your camera  that “macho” effect so that clients will take you more seriously. (Just my two cents, no hate please!)
  • and gives more area for grip. Advisable for those who have big hands and owns a D40/x


  • Activating the vertical shutter is tedious. One must first enable IR shooting in camera settings then  turn on the infrared transmitter on the grip itself. If you’re shooting events, this is not advisable as you might lose the moment.
  • For some reason, the vertical shutter doesn’t trigger a 3rd party external flash. I’ve tried it once and it doesn’t fire.
  • Makes your camera heavy – If you don’t like a heavy camera hanging around your neck, this is not for you. (This may also be a pro for some, as other may prefer heavier cameras for stability)
  • No half press – it auto focuses but with the no half press feature, that means you won’t be able to see the focus area on the eye piece before shooting.


I think this is advisable for people with big hands and looking for that extra grip.  But for those who are looking for a camera grip so that they can shoot vertically (portraits) with ease, this is not for you.  I don’t know if other grips have the same settings to enable vertical shooting for D40/x. If that’s the case and you don’t have any option, just upgrade, this is not worth your money.

Price: around $60-80

Where to buy:  boyfriend says he got it from JT Photoworld

ps. He also gave a GSS LCD protector, but I will write about it on my next post.

2 Responses to “Pimp my camera pt.1 -YXTM battery grip”

  1. spoiled GF, este spoiled camera! =P

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