Happy Birthday Nean!


The boyfriend just turned a year older! And guess what I had for him? A surprise birthday party with his Highschool (H.S.) friends. (Sorry other friends, I wasn’t able to invite everyone. reason: limited resource)

So for this post, I would just like to take note on how I crossed out one entry (or two, you’ll know why, if you keep on reading) on my bucket list– which is, to throw a surprise party for someone.

Blowing the birthday cake

The same week was my lola’s loss, and most of the family were grieving. I had second thoughts of pushing through with it or not, but I decided to still go with it since I can’t do nothing about my lola, and just to be safe, I even asked for my mom’s permission if its ok to celebrate and she said yes.

Group Photo

I asked some of his H.S. friends/housemates for some help. I asked them to cook food and gather their friends while Nean and I was at my lola’s place. When we got to their apartment,everyone was there. He was speechless, and I was the happiest person on earth.

Shots for everyone

And so he thought that was greatest gift I have. Not until, I revealed my second surprise for the night.

Rewind,so there’s this radio show hosted by Sarah Meier and Vicky Herrera called the dollhouse on92.3fm and they have this project called “The Dreamcathchers project” where they ask listeners to write them a letter telling their greatest dreams and why they should be fulfilled.

Last January, I was about to write them a letter regarding my dream of being a  pro photographer. But at some point, I decided to scrap everything and write the boyfriend’s dream instead.  I was thinking of posting the exact letter here, but I’m afraid it might bore you. So basically, he likes writing rhymes and rapping. He has countless of poetry written, and I tell you they’re good. (Ok, curse me if you think I’m bias) So to cut the story short, his dream was to record a rap song , or in the lines of that. Nope he’s not a frustrated MC. Or maybe he is. But heck, if this  thing happens, he’s no longer frustrated right? So moving forward, the girls are granting my request. They’ve already talked to a producer who’s willing to work things out.

So going back, mid-way through surprise party, I revealed to him my biggest surprise, in front of everyone. On fulfilling his greatest dream to be an MC. He was speechless while everyone was happy for him. And then I have this biggest smile on my face, and a mental note of crossing another entry on my bucket list — fulfilling someone else’s dream. Though its not yet 100% fulfilled, but yea, we’re getting there. In fact we’re planning to meet the producer next week. Can’t wait!

This was his initial reaction after revealing my 2nd surprise. Stunned? Speechless?

And this was his friends reaction. Happy?

His birthday was full of surprises. Actually on his actual birthday, I even cooked a surprise breakfast for him and gave a card with written note inside.

Frankfurter + omelet + pancakes for the birthday boy

He said I was the sweetest. But in back of  my mind, maybe I’m just hopeless romantic after all.

4 Responses to “Happy Birthday Nean!”

  1. hahaha….asteeeg! nakakatouch naman to ate! hahaha…nainspire tuloy ako…lol….pakisabi kay kuya nean happy birthday! :)

    • hey xy, I totally forgot you’re reading my blog pla! :) glad to know you’re inspired by this post ;)

      I’ll tell him you said happy bday. Salamat!

  2. Wow. Wala akong kwentang GF compared to you! We just had dinner on his birthday! haha. =)

    • LOL! its the thought that counts as always. atleast you got to spend the day together dba? belated happy bday to jeff!

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