The making of a dream – Part 1


Things between us are doing good. Last Tuesday, me and N were able to meet the producer for the dream catcher’s project (mentioned here). By which co-incidentally (or what I would like to believe as “destiny”), was the same person,  N bought a beat from last year. Yes, he bought a beat last year but never had a chance to record the song for it. So when we were informed it was the same guy a.k.a “Chrizo”, we both realized that God is tellin us somethin. N ain’t goin nowhere but here.

We both came a bit anxious and shy, especially for N, knowing that it was the same person he owe a beat to. Chris even recognized N after 5 minutes of acquaintance. He even said “You owe a beat from me, right?” N responsibly admitted and told the reason behind. Chris even said it was really  a cool co-incidence to be workin with the same person.He even added, at least they can work with his beat now.

When we stepped into the studio, things got easy for us. The studio was laid back, Chris was telling stories on how he came up with the studio to the people who stepped in and recorded on the same room. I was amazed to know these people who I listen to and admired. My eyes were  scanning the room, moving from left to right, for the first 30 minutes.To see these equipments right in front us, with hand painted walls of bruce lee and a DJ to posters of sick with it nights (we used to attend this) and ill-j album posters. What I like most was the simple wall paper displayed on the computer that says “Every new beat I make is the best I’ve ever made” – which reminded me of 3 things 1.) we get better and better every time 2.) that there’s always a room for improvement and 3.) to be the best that we can ever be.

where great things happen

Chris was accommodating. He was never the intimidating type, and even told countless stories of people he was able to work with, to how he celebrated his past birthday.

By the end of the night, N was able to pick a beat. C gave him a copy of the beat in CD, so N can finish his rhymes while listening to it. Then they both agreed to do the recording next time.

N and C, at the studio, a.k.a. the Chopshop

The meeting went well. We’ll mos def be back to the studio, to get things done. I’m crossing my fingers that N will get his feet on writing, and be back by next week. I can’t wait to get this deal done.Till next.

2 Responses to “The making of a dream – Part 1”

  1. Wow! Ang galing, grabe, goodluck to the dream project! Have I told you that Jeff used to write rap songs back in HS?? =D

    Call me if you need cheerleader hehe! =)

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