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V.I.P. baby!


A random conversation from the boy: He says: “I think you should make a living out of this. You’re lucky enough to win contests all the time” She says: “No, its just beginner’s luck” To date, I’ve won 4 online contests (some I might not even remember), an on the spot photography contest and the […]

and reasons why I am not updating… Shopping gifts for my cousins in Canada Clients from D.C. visiting the Manila office D.C. Client Presentations that got me stressed all week personal issues regarding Love DIY Nail art Spyder 3 Monitor Calibration thinking about huge decisions that I have to make SOON.

February, spells red. With Chinese New year and Valentine’s Day celebrated on the same month, I’m sure we were all surrounded by¬† this dreaded color whether we like it or not. And of course, our photography club hopped the bandwagon, thus our monthly challenge theme was red. The photo above was my entry. If you […]