Give and Receive: L O V E


February, spells red. With Chinese New year and Valentine’s Day celebrated on the same month, I’m sure we were all surrounded by  this dreaded color whether we like it or not. And of course, our photography club hopped the bandwagon, thus our monthly challenge theme was red.

The photo above was my entry. If you have noticed, I’ve been shooting less last year, but this year, I promise myself to shoot more, giving way to new learning and growth.

I was never the conformist type. Some may think I’m abnormal cause I appreciate things when they look weird and out of the ordinary. I like my work to stand out from the rest. I don’t like my work to be a product of replication but rather inspiration. Something  that is well thought of and depicts a deep message in them. So when the theme red was out, I knew I have to think of something.

I searched through web for Red themed inspirations. Lips, flowers and Christmas flooded my Google search results. Most of them were product and still life photography so I knew from the start that I have to deviate my output from doing something like it.

Conceptual Art photography has been amusing for me ever since, so I thought to do the same for this theme. Love speaks red so I decided to focus on it.  My photo is a representation of  Love, given and taken.  I always believed that true Love gives and receives. It is a continuous process that doesn’t end in one cycle.  But rather what comes around, goes around.

And now comes the technical part for the photographers.  How I did it? Light painting.

  1. First, I painted my brother’s hands with red acrylic paint, this step is optional BTW.
  2. Then I got a small led light and topped it with red cellophane. Set camera to manual Exposure. Shutter Speed: Bulb, Aperture:F/8.
  3. Set Camera in manual focus. Asked my brother to pose his hands as if he is giving and at the same time receiving.
  4. Turned off all the lights in a room then triggered my camera using an IR remote.
  5. Using the led light, I painted a heart in the air just above my brothers hand. Then outlined my brothers hands after. plus exposed a few rays just under the hand.
  6. Triggered the Camera again using the remote to close the shutter. View results and retry if not satisfied.

So there, I hope you learned something from my little experiment. If any of you have questions, leave a comment and I will try to answer them.

Till my next monthly experiment!

2 Responses to “Give and Receive: L O V E”

  1. 1 Dang

    Wow! This is sooo nice! I’m sure you’ll get a place, if not the top prize for this. Galing mo, SD! Soo proud of you! =)

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