I am a convert


No folks, don’t panic. I haven’t changed religion if you think that is.

I’ve waited for more than 6 years for this moment to happen, and I’m glad that he is finally here. I didn’t expect that he will come too soon (not this year, at the very least), but nevertheless, I am not complaining cause I am more than happy to have him.

Yes, I have a new baby, but I did not go through the 9-month stage. He is tangible, has life (span) but works on batteries.  I am a new mother a baby named ‘Mac” and no he is not related to cosmetics of some sort. He doesn’t have a birth name yet, just like his former sibling I named ‘Blix’. But all of you are welcome to suggest a nickname more than calling him ‘that thing’.

You may wonder why I am more than ecstatic to have him, and you may not understand even if write more than 20 reasons. Having him is more than an accomplishment, and I could still remember fiening for him during my college years. I remember how I  use to glance at him at that store window, and say “I shall have you soon” at the back of my mind. I scan through my 2010 planner, and in my goal list it says, “2-3 years, an MBP”.

Now that I have him, I couldn’t explain how I feel. Some of you may ask, why I spent $$$ on it, and and I answer in four words — “because it’s a DREAM”. It came down to sleepless nights, trying to over think “to have it or not” and what-if-I-end-up-broke-as*. But it doesn’t really matter, my heart won over it. For an aspiring digital artist/ photographer, it is a coveted piece of gadget, just like men lust over cars.

Now that I’m a convert,  away from the terms left/right click and Ctrl+C, I ask for your help mac pros to assist a mac noob.  I never felt so stupid to use a computer in my entire life, not until the day I held my hands on it. Soon enough, I’ll explore how to maximize its full potential, but all I ever wanted now is to use  an Adobe Photoshop on it, paired with a cup of caramel macchiato , post processing my NYC photos.

4 Responses to “I am a convert”

  1. CONGRATS!!! :) I know I already screamed in excitement when you told me this in person but can I just say mahirap sya i-achieve kaya congrats! :)

    Hope to see him in person soon :)

    • I never expected that it will come this year but I’d like to believe that he is a product of stress, tears when I was away from home, which is totally worth it!!!

  2. 3 Dang

    Hay sa wakas nag-update ka din, si MAC lang pala ang susi =) Congrats again SD, you told me this back when you were still in DC and super happy ako for you. Just so you know, MBP is so YOU! I swear! =D

    • thanks sis! I know i’ve waited for years, and its finally here! I cant imagine myself not owning one for my entire life!

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