Books and Solitude



I  never considered myself a book buff, but yes I do read a lot of blogs, and magazines but not books.  But lately, I find myself on bookstores and amidst the crowd, the recent held Manila International Book Fair at SMX. I’ve realized it’s high time to invest on books as it would help me in my continuous project of Self Upgrade.

Admittedly, my life has been a chaos lately, a battle of a life-work balance.  Thus, I find my solitude and peacefulness on these books. Despite the hectic schedule, I try to juggle/squeeze my time to open these books, in transit, just before going to sleep, one chapter at a time.

  1. Prayer of Jabez – a spiritual book of blessing and asking for God’s grace. Timely, from these past days- months, I ask a lot from God. And with this book, I learned (and keep learning) that it doesn’t hurt to ask.
  2. Pro Tips, Smart Steps for Everyday Workplace Success – No I didn’t buy this, but my mom did (and to think she’s a professional housewife eh?) But yes, I have to read it. Why? self explanatory. no definition necessary.
  3. Digital Photography by Scott Kelby (1 & 2) – I feel like I’ve been a lousy SLR camera owner lately, (& my Flickr Pro has been left untouched since July) thus I feel the need for a refresher. And what I heard from other photographers’, Scott Kelby books are a keeper. I have yet to get book 3, maybe after I’m done with these two.
  4. Creativity, Unleashing the Forces Within – A spiritual slash creativity book of bringing out the best on people’s creativity. To keep my creativity juices flowing, and maybe someday, I will be able to use it.

2 Responses to “Books and Solitude”

  1. Sis, prayer of Jabez will always be my sipitual guide favorite, it helped me through the darkest days if you know what I mean. For almost a decade now, I pray it each day! Each day talaga! =)

    • Good to know that sis! I’m learning (yes, still learning) to pray it everyday. I plan to post a copy of the prayer on the 4 walls of my room! hahah!

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