For the first time I saw it online, it was love at first sight. Even before I don’t have an Apple yet, I knew I have to get it just because. I’ve waited for at least two months for it to cross the border and now it’s finally here.

So how do you pimp yours? Mine, with her. And who would have thought that the lady we once thought was the nicest will never get her revenge? Sophistication meets bad *ss. Now we’re talking.


Taking her revenge now


I’m thinking of a name to call her. I know it’s weird (or maybe not) but I name my gadgets just like my previous laptop named Blix, and my camera- Lumiere, etc..  It’s easy to call her “Snow white” but no, because she is silver. And I want to name her more than that. With a punch. A name that defines her. Rebellious maybe? Reb or Bell or Lious? Or whatever. Suggestions?

For those who might be asking, I got it from vinylville from Etsy. Search for Snow’s Revenge. For $13.50 cause it was Summer Sale. Original price was $15.00 per piece. $1 shipping rate, anywhere in the US.


  • The hand size does not precisely fit the apple. As you can see on mine, the hand had some parts overlapping the apple.
  • I had to cut almost half an inch below just because it was a bit long for a 13″ MBP
  • Quality? I cannot comment on that still since I had it for only since yesterday. But I’m keeping my fingers crossed that the sticker will keep intact  specially the thin and tiny parts such as eyebrows ,eyes and some outlines. I bet it would look weird without the eyebrows.

More photos below.

Vinylville Packaging

And I was thinking, if Snow White was a Filipino, she’ll probably have calamansi instead of an apple.

Pinay Snow white

2 Responses to “Rebellious”

  1. Haha, calamansi ha! Why not caimito or chico? =P Cute cute!

  2. lol! we only have calamansi on the fridge that’s why! But yes caimito or chico would do! or maybe durian? that’s what you can revenge! Smell palang! lol!

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