Art doesn’t come cheap.

I was looking through my draft section and saw this post. Written September 2009.
All artists should get what they deserve.

All artists should get what they deserve.

Last night, I was so close to getting a photography gig. A friend hooked me up for their company event and asked for my price. I asked for their requirements and gave them a decent price. Not too high as a Pro but not dirt as* cheap. Well let’s just say I gave them half the pro price.

On the middle of exchange of messages, they wanted to haggle my given price which in my opinion is not acceptable. To give you an idea how unacceptable it was, they wanted almost half the price i’m offering. heck. Can you imagine, it is already half the pro price and they still wanted lower. That means its already 1/4 pro price. To cut the story short, I didn’t got the gig. I realized that I could have easily accepted it, cause its better than nothing. But chose to stick with my decision, and walk away with the though of unexplainable happiness.

So you might wonder why I don’t feel bad after all? Because I believe that by doing so, I helped the artists’ community step the game up for this country. That I have taught one (or more) person, that Art doesn’t come cheap and artists doesn’t deserve to be low-balled.

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