TGIF: Amazon buys


Amazon Buys

I’ve never felt confident with online shopping not until I met .  (No this is not a paid ad,  if you may) — My brother just came back from California for a 2 week vaca and guess what? A quarter of his luggage contains my online buys!!!

From Top to Bottom: 1. Revivex Boot Cleaner // 2. 5 bottles of Bath & Body Works PocketBac // 3.  Praying in Color Book by Sybill Mcbeth // 4. Creative Call book by Janice Elsheimer // 5. Wacom Bamboo Tablet // 6. Cranium WOW Board Game

Mcnett Revivex Nubuck, Suede & Fabric Boot Cleaner. This is for N. I bought him Timberland Boots months ago, and who knew they come to be delicate? I thought they are supposed to be tough boots huh? But no, N is very picky when it comes to his shoes, so he doesn’t want any stains or scratches on his boots.

Bath & Body Works PocketBac (Hand Sanitizer). I realized I’m slowly turning into a germaphobe ever since I got a bottle of this. Even N, loves the scent on my hands, so to make sure I have enough to stock for the following months, I already got 5!

Praying in Color by Sybill Mcbeth. To be honest, its always been a struggle for me to concentrate on praying the traditional way. Thus, when I came across this book on Amazon, I knew I have to get it. A contemporary way to pray with colors, doodles and such. And for a visual-driven person like me, who wouldn’t want that?

Creative Call by Janice Elsheimer. I’ve realized for the past months, the best form of investment I can do now is nothing but 2 words: Self Investment. No other time but now. Now that I don’t have any responsibilities, except my self.  So I’ve been investing on self help books (plus I’m planning to take digital arts courses soon) And yes, I am hunted by my creative call. Though I haven’t finished the book yet, I learned through the introduction that this is for those who 1. felt they have the creative calling but didn’t pursue 2. undergoing an artist’s block and wanted to be driven by spirituality.

Wacom Bamboo Pen Tablet. Always wanted to own one since 20xx for my digital image processing needs. And I admit, Amazon price tags always comes cheaper — less $60.

Cranium Wow Board Game. With technology offering different kinds of game options, and with less social interaction these days, I still opt for the classic board game of Cranium. A suggested party games for adults. And I also plan to  take this with me on  Church Group Meetings every now and then. I’m pretty sure the College Kids would appreciate.

How about you, what makes you say TGIF today?

ps. I  decided not to mention some of my online buys from the list above. Why? Just because I plan to give them out as Christmas gifts for some people who might be reading this humble web space. Yes, I’m doing my Christmas shopping this early.

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