Current Obsessions


From time to time I am obsessed about a specific food, gadget, fashion style, et al. Currently on my list are:


Chimichurri Burger, Buffalo Wings and Roast Beef Sandwich from Wingman

Buffalo/ Hot Wings

Lately, I’ve been on the look out for the best  buffalo wings in town. Currently on the top of my list are Bugsy’s and Wingman’s. I have yet to try Charlie’s and Buffalo Wings and Things. On the side note, I just had to have my wing fix today so we dropped by at Wingman located at the Collective, Malugay St. The Rose Beef label just made my day. Thank you to whoever wrote it.

boots lace up

Lace-boots from So Fab!

Lace-up Boots

For quite some time now I was on the look out for an affordable lace-up boots. Call me a cheap shopper but I would prefer to be called wise shopper instead. To be honest, I try not to spend more than 2000php on items that are just “trends” meaning “not classics” and would probably  end up on my closet just for the season. But yea, I was happy I got one, at 1,499php, who would not? At least, I will not let it pass. At the same time, I’m also looking for a bootie version, high thick heels please.

Screenshot itunes

November Playlist

November Playlist

It’s been a while since the last time I updated my iTunes library. Today I decided to update it with new tunes because honestly, I miss my old self since I used to update it at least once a week. Currently obsessing on fast beat hip hop music. Probably because I’m missing the clubs. Calling T and D, please let’s have a girlfriend night out, shall we?

This list will probably change in about 2 weeks time, or maybe not. We’ll see. How about you? What are your current obsessions?

2 Responses to “Current Obsessions”

  1. I’m obsessed with listening to drake for somereason and shoppin on eBay weird right lol

    • At some point Drake’s album was on repeat on my iPod and I keep on buying at Amazon. So I guess there’s nothing weird about that! =)

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