January Come Early


Usually at this time of the year, November, I’m enjoying the cold weather, anticipating my favorite season of the year, Christmas. But this year I think will be an exception. I may still have the inner giggles in me, feeling excited with the holiday season, but on top of that, I cannot wait for it to be over so a new year can come in. January 2011, new year, changes, changes!

If you have been consistently following my blog, I have mentioned on my previous post that I plan to go back to school. So last weekend, I had a consultation appointment at FACA. I went there with a long list of questions and a goal of deciding which course is best for me. The first time I step into room, I realized this is what I’ve been longing for years, to be able to step into an actual arts school and be surrounded with the same visions, goals as me. Doing creative things for the rest of their lives.

As much as I would  like to share my experience at FACA,  I chose not to, since I don’t want to bore you with my never ending thoughts of excitement. And just to conclude my visit to the school, I already paid the reservation fee for the Print Media Arts January class. Yep, that’s how excited I am. To be honest, I’m giddy until now. I can’t stop looking at the course design . Not only does the subjects looks interesting but I believe it would even help improve my skills on digital photography since some of the subjects include photo manipulation and color management. Imagine that? Ok, I’m probably boring you with these thoughts, with me being geeky about color  management, but I just can’t help it. I just can’t wait for January to come!

And if any of you might be interested at the course design, I decided to put a snippet here:
FACA print media

2 Responses to “January Come Early”

  1. Congrats! It’s really exciting when you step into something new. I want to go back to school as well, I hope next year will be a good start for all of us! =)

    • Yes yes! Let’s all go back to school and try to learn as much as we can while we’re still on our 20’s. It’s the perfect time for us. Old enough to risk but not too old to miss out on life! See you soon SD!

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