Muchas Gracias 2010!!!


Twenty-ten  is nearing its end. Malls and supermarkets are packed with busy people getting ready to welcome a new year.  For me, I choose to pause,  step back, look on the year that (almost) passed and evaluate on the list I’ve written a year ago a.k.a. My 2010 Goals.

So let’s start shall we? For my minor goals, let me break it down for you:

  1. Start a scrapbook! – No Progress
  2. Continue writing – For quite some time, I had my blog disconnect itself from the net due to a demanding work schedule, but yet, I still acknowledge myself for being able to write from time to time.
  3. Buy a musical instrument(s) for College Group – No, I haven’t bought a guitar for them yet, I was supposed to, but a very busy schedule these past few weeks is not permitting me, so I plan to have this re-scheduled come January.
  4. Attend a  formal dance class – Finally, got this done! Was  able to attend a class and yes, I had a blast. But then, I realized, I think I’m too pursue my love for hip hop dancing. Occasional classes maybe, but to attend every month? Maybe not.
  5. Be fit – Somehow I can say, I got this fulfilled though not 100% but at some point this year, (read: when I was assigned abroad for work) gym was really accessible, I had nothing to do after work and honestly, I’m afraid to get excessively fat because of American food! So I hit the gym every other day for 3 months.
  6. Photo Gallery inside my room – No progress but I already have the pictures ready to print & post.
  7. Room makeover – Sad to admit but again, no progress, plus I need to declutter.

And now for my Major goals,  drum roll please.

  1. Get a new job – with a demanding job schedule this year, admittedly I failed on this one. But I have to admit, work has been good to me this year. Working abroad was something new, challenging but also fun!
  2. Get braces – No progress, nuff said.
  3. Focus and be serious with photography – When I was offered to an opportunity to work overseas, I grabbed most of the opportunity to snap photos and yes,  I must say I’ve shot more than enough post worthy photos make a photobook. And thanks to my boy, I got an external flash this year (Hint: Christmas gift)
  4. Get organized – Failure. *Sad face*
  5. Track Expenses and less impulsive buys – No progress. But I’m proud to say, I’m debt free (in which I always pay my CC bill full)
  6. Save/ Invest – I’m proud to say I doubled my savings from last year to this year! $_$
  7. Buy a new laptop – Surprisingly, (and because of that overseas work opportunity) I was able to buy a Mac Book Pro at a discounted price.
  8. Travel – again, because of work, I was able to travel,  encompassing my expectations to travel locally but instead a U.S. East Coast tour. from D.C.  – Maryland – Virginia – New York.
  9. Continue to serve/ Paying it forward – I’m glad to report, that I’m still serving the youth at church, striving to give the best that I can offer.

To conclude, 4/7 minor goals and 5/9 major goals achieved! Not bad, not bad at all. Plus I was able to a couple more things that I never expected I would be able to do this year (which I will further discuss on my 2011 goals). Thank you 2010 for being good to me. Cheers to another year coming and let’s try harder shall we?

How about you? How was your year-end evaluation?

2 Responses to “Muchas Gracias 2010!!!”

  1. I haven’t evaluated yet, I’m still spinning with work & family and the weddings of my cousins. It’s a whole lot of work, but fun. And 2010 is a good year for us all! Congrats to you, you achieved a lot from your list nga! =)

  2. Hi SD, good luck on everything that’s keeping you busy lately. I’m pretty sure even though you haven’t written down your achievements from 2010, it’ll surely be a lot! And yes , I agree 2010 has been a great year to all of us, and it would be the same without you girls. So thank you and cheers for another bangin’ year!

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