Blueprint 2011


Hours before we leap to another  year, I send myself  to the nearest coffee shop, squeezing a few hours of “me” time and write a blueprint of my 2011, a vision of what I wish and for see the coming year to be.

Admittedly, it was hard for me to write down everything on one seating, not knowing what I really wanted to  do this year, realizing if I’m ready for 2011.

And just before I write down my wishes and plans, I would like to recognize how 2010 has been a good (if not great) year for me.  Aside from being able to work & travel overseas at the same time, I was also able to throw a surprise party for someone, buy my coveted macbook, travel to kalibo (and Boracay) twice in a year,  organize a 2 day retreat for college kids and find a digital art school suitable for my needs.

With this, I thank you 2010, for a wonderful year that has been. And without further ado, let me present to you my vision, what I wanted to achieve come December 31, 2011.

Minor Goals

1.    Create a Photobook – my attempt to create a scrapbook for 2010 was a failure. And with digital printing getting easier and cheaper everyday, I plan to create at least a photobook for myself , maybe a collection of 2010 photos I personally took, or maybe for someone , a compilation of an event I’ve covered.
2.    Continue writing – Again I will attempt to write frequently, online or offline, via, or my nifty little red notebook.
3.    Travel – an attempt to set foot to a foreign place, whether alone or with someone.  Locally or International, doesn’t matter.
4.    Vision/ Photo wall – Last year, I planned to do a room make-over but again failed so now I’m keeping my goal humble (aka achievable) by trying to come up with a Photo wall at least, with my NYC photos framed and NYC skyline decal I bought at Walmart.
5. Learn a new photography technique – equipped with my new flash (courtesy of the bf), I’d like to learn a new photography technique this year, probably a simple strobist set-up or anything like it,  just like my attempt of skill ramp up from the previous year.

Major Goals

  1. Go Back to School – When I graduated from college and sadly realized that I want to send myself to school again once I had enough courage and money to do so, I’ve always kept myself driven to this promise to myself. And now that I felt this year is the perfect timing to do so, without hesitations, I am going back to school. And what’s even more exciting, is that I’m going to a digital arts school! To be honest, I’ve never been excited to go school than this.
  2. Less Expenses – with Major Goal Number 1 as my #1 priority this year, that means most of my money goes to self-investment (aka tuition fee), less to impulsive buys and unnecessary wants.  To be specific, I plan to cut down on fancy eats and cravings.  This time it will be limited to special occasions and not just because “I just want to binge”. Which is a win-win situation actually, goodbye to unnecessary calories!
  3. Be an excellent student – I regret not being able to excel on college. Don’t get me wrong, I do get my grades on point, its  just that most of my grades were average, not above average in which I wish they were. When I look back, I realized one of the probable reasons why I didn’t excel is I don’t like what I’m learning. Yes they are interesting subjects but not for me. You see, I consider myself artistically-driven and when you try to  seat me down on classes  such as “Logic 101, management, Software Engineering and such” I promise my mind would shut down automatically. So with the chance of going back to school this year, with interesting subjects such as Creative Concept & Advance Photo Manipulation, I challenge myself to deliver excellent grades.
  4. Be an effective photography club president – The last quarter of the year brought me a lot of surprises, including being appointed as our office’s photography club president.  Though I don’t really take pride on being appointed as I consider my self not worthy of this position, but I want to challenge myself and be effective on this appointment as much as I can.
  5. Don’t sweat the small stuff, less whining – This will probably be the most challenging goal I have to attempt this year. I always make it a point to do things well planned with precision and accuracy and if things don’t go my way, my partner would caught me whining, sweating on small little things. In which this caught my attention, thus I would like to improve this year.  I will attempt to smile more often, practice the art brushing off shoulders more frequently than ever cause really, we cannot control the world, agree?
  6. Read Books –  Last year, I unintentionally involved myself in books. To prove, I read about 4 books in a row, and tell you what, I haven’t read a book since I graduated college. So that’s something new, yea? This year, I want to keep up my interests in reading, probably acquire more interesting books than last year. And yes, increase my reading speed if possible. nyah.
  7. Continue Serving, Paying it forward – This has been on my 2010, and I still continue to do it this year, in any form that God will allow.
  8. Continue to Save – This will also be a challenging goal for me, together with the above mentioned Major goal number 1, but with major goal #2 coming along, I guess it will help me get through. Hopefully! But yes there should be no excuses/alibis, and that’s what I’m about to do! Save!
  9. Get Braces and be able to maintain it – Getting braces (installation and all)  would be easy but being able to maintain it would be the hard part. I swear it wouldn’t be easy, plus the fact that my dentist is 2 hrs away via public transportation. And yes this is coming from a person who had braces 10 years ago.

2010 has been a good year, and so I claim 2011 to be a better year. I envision it to be a  year of creatives change.  I will attempt to become a better person with these huge changes, eliminating on negative vibes and focusing on the positives of life.

So cheers to another year coming. A toast to another year bangin’ . And promise to make it happen, 2011!

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