Home Workspace 2011

To 2011's organization and productivity.

Hours before 2010 gives way to a new year, I decided to clean my room (as most of the people I knew did the same),  and allow a space for this. A leap forward to my dedication for this year, digital art school and such,  a tool to produce better  (post-worthy) digital art works like I’ve never done before. This is my home workspace,  white, crisp, with a splash of colors in between.

3 Responses to “Space”

  1. Love it! I hope to have the time to fix my room, too. My 11-day vacay lats December were spent with parties, reunions and other errands. Sigh!

  2. Thanks dang! I still have to do my room make-over, or paint job at the very least!

  3. 3 teeyah

    I really love this =)

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