Mac & Racky E-session

Mac & Racky Engagement Session

Mac & Racky 12.21.2010

I was lucky enough to shoot an engagement session for my good friends M&R. Mac is a friend I met because of photography so no wonder an e-session courtesy of supportive friends is expected to happen.

This was shot last October but since the couple politely asked to not publish the photos until wedding day (which was last December), so I did. And not until this week did I had the chance to put watermark on it, so I’m sharing them to you now.

Mac was a very good friend, and if I may add,  was a co-founder of the travel photography group we established 2 years ago, called LATA. We’ve shared a lot of trips together from Pinatubo, Quezon, Zambales plus 5 more locations. Most of the shoots I’ve done were fun but this one was memorable because this was exclusive to the LATA crew (which includes jerome) plus rundell, another photographer friend who knows more about lighting set-up.

I am very happy for this couple as I’ve witnessed their relationship flourish. And just to be literal about it, I was an accomplice on his proposal day, photographer / grooming assistant for their e-session and candle bearer for their wedding.

To Mac & Racky, I wish you all the happiness as a couple but more than anything else, as a family with kids in the future!

Now sharing you some of my favorite photos I’ve taken from the shoot:

Mac & Racky E-session

Mac & Racky E-session

Mac & Racky E-session

Mac & Racky E-session

Mac & Racky E-session

More photos from my flickr set: Click!

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