Marked For Life



If you ask me, birthdays should always be memorable. The fact that it is celebrated once a year should be enough. Add to that, being thankful for another year that God has given should be a better way to look at it.

My partner (boyfriend) turned a year older last week.  Last year’s notable act was this and this.  This year, expectations were high (at least mine were), so to top off last year, he got inked. OK kids, do not panic. calm. This is not another joining-the-bandwagon  or spur-of-the-moment act. He always wanted to get one even we were together. And that was around let’s say at least 5 years ago.

To be honest, I was (note: WAS) against tattoos probably because I’ve seen too many Ellen’s Bad Paid-For Tattoo photos plus I grew up watching my cousin do tattoos on other people. And yes, I dread seeing blood drip all over their arms or legs, or whatever body part they want to have it marked.

But having N talk about it, almost every time we see someone get tatt’ed or Miami Ink flashes into the TV screen, I learned to respect his love for Tattoo. Plus the fact that he’s not really doing it because it looks cool or every rapper he knows has it, but because he has a devotion to God, and that’s what it’s all about. So I’m probably still against the fact of getting inked for myself, but like what I said, I do respect his opinion and I’m ‘just’ a girlfriend ( I say ‘just’ cause  I believe girlfriends/boyfriends or anyone for that matter do have to respect others’ decision. Yes we can say our opinions but we cannot impose and the last call will always be theirs. )


Yes, that is a phoenix a sign of mystical rebirth, resurrection and immortality [via wikipedia]. And his devotion says it all, he wanted to thank God for bringing him to where he is now. For keeping him sane for the tough times he had been through. For resurrecting him into a better person than he is a few years back.

To N: I wish you another year full of  blessings and wonderful surprises, reaching your dreams and fulfillment in life. Love you always. -K


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