16th Philippine Hot Air Balloon Fiesta


16th Hot Air Balloon Fiesta

I’ve always wanted to capture these colorful looking balloons for the longest time. 4 years after, at last I was able to do so, and below is my story.

Together with my friends from church, we left our place way past two in the morning, as some friends who were able to experience it for the past years, warned us to come there early as it is apparent that traffic appears to be bad during this time of the year — as most of the Manilenyos flock Pampangga for this once a year event.

We arrived Clark at around four AM just in time for the gates to open. Hurriedly entered the premises as we noticed that the place is being flocked with people in an instant. Scouted for the best place to pitch our tent and luckily we spotted an empty space just in front of the fences that indicates the start of the Gen Ad perimeter.

Also on that day, I was equipped with a photographer’s pass which I got from DPP‘s draw. For those who didn’t know, these passes are on limited quantities so they have to draw the slots for people who will get the right to purchase them. Since my name was drawn, I bought it for 1k (or a little less than $20). This pass allows you get close to the balloons, witness how they are being set up, a way better view than the General Ad perimeter.

As the sunrise draws near, I noticed the clumps of clouds scattered every where, as if there will be no signs of sun peeking its way through. Way past six, yes , I was correct, the sun will not show itself through these overcast skies. and then I knew, this will give me a hard time to capture the vibrancy of their colors and at the same time the non compelling sky will not even be of any help.

But I’m decided, there’s no turning back and with a 1k worth pass, I knew I have to get things going. I’ve shot around more than 150+ snaps but of these photos I’ve got only around 10 that I actually liked. Well not really liked but passable to at least do necessary adjustments in Photoshop! But oh well, I guess this experience only says one thing, “I have to be back next year”  or maybe not until I get bluish skies that will provide as a nice background to these vibrant looking balloons!

Now on with the few decent looking photos  I took from the event:


16th Hot Air Balloon Fiesta

16th Hot Air Balloon Fiesta

16th Hot Air Balloon Fiesta
16th Hot Air Balloon Fiesta

Few More Photos on my Flickr Set

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