Graphic Design Exercise #1


Exercise #1: Selection Tool

If you haven’t heard the news, I’m back to school! But no, I’m not taking any post graduate I.T. courses. Instead, I’m into digital arts school! Yep, heard it right.

So here’s our first exercise using Photoshop — Selections. How ironic I avoided this tool as much as I can since the first time I learned how to use PS. I find it very tedious to use  plus my hands are  not  the steady kind!  Oh well, like what our instructor said,  you cannot avoid the things you don’t like.

Pardon the crappy photo. All we are asked to do was to use the selection tool, no blending options etc. So it may look tacky for now, but we’ll get there.  (I hope!)

3 Responses to “Graphic Design Exercise #1”

  1. Hi Kee!

    I was blog-hopping and stumbled upon yours. Reading blogs really is twice the fun if you personally know who’s behind them ^^,

    Know what, the more I get to know you, the more I’m convinced we should be good friends! Haha!

    See you around,

    • hi maude, i never thought you’ll come across my blogsite. lol. I don’t usually promote mine cause for one, i rarely update, and two I might spill some work related news that you shouldn’t supposed to know. three, you might discover that I blog at times that I’m supposed to work. haha kiddin!

      we’re already good friends, aren’t we?

      see you later ;)

      • I also choose which posts I should share with FB or twitter friends because some are really too personal for others to even dare read! Haha!

        About work-related news, don’t worry, my lips are sealed. And oh, I blog in the office, too! ;-)

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