If I were asked what’s my favorite place in the planet, next to New York would probably be Boracay, Philippines.  I know they’re quite the opposite — from city to an island. I’ve been there about three times but I’m pretty sure I’ll keep coming back for more. From fresh fruit shakes, powdery white sand, sail boats, scrumptious seafoods and the famous Boracay Sunset that displays a splash of colors using the skies as it’s canvass.

Boracay Sunset

Boracay Sunset

Boracay Sunset

Then there’s also Mt. Luho, which is the highest peak on the island, where one can see the whole island from above.

Mt. Luho View

Now, aren’t I lucky to live in a country with more than 7 thousand islands? What’s your favorite place on the planet?

3 Responses to “Islander”

  1. I have a feeling mine is going to be NYC, too! =) And in the Philippines, that would be Makati. For some reason, I love it when there’s not too many people, as in LOVE talaga! =)

    • 2 Dang

      You captured the sky at its finest SD! Love it! =)

      Hmm, tough question, as I’m a wanderer by heart, it’s hard to be loyal to one place!!! Maybe it’s safe to say anywhere with open skies & blue waters and in a city of lights.

      Sige para di KJ, PALAWAN & SINGAPORE so far. =)

  2. @teeyah, you’ll definitely love NYC! It’s so you!

    @dang, I knew you have to say skies and blue waters cause you are a mermaid in a full human form!LOL! I wish to see palawan too and capture in photos it’s pristine beaches! maybe someday!

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