Exercise #002/003: Layer Blending Modes and Text Fx


School is turning out to be more challenging than what I expected. With a full time job to juggle on top of school and home works,  lately I’ve been getting an average of 4-5 hr sleep a day.

Oh well, I’m not complaining,  I knew this move will bring me to a lot of sacrifices including sleep . Now let me share to you  the products of insufficient rest.

Exercise #002: Bring me back to my world. . An exercise using selection tools and layer blending modes. If you would like to see the separate elements I used to compose this photo, click here. This is my interpretation of a world of everything that flies. The kid who portrays to be an “angel”, is brought back to where he belongs,  a world of fantasy meets reality

Bring me back to my world

Exercise #003: The Happiness Project Book Cover. So this looks like an easy project to make but honestly it took me almost 4 hours to to finish excluding conceptualization. I confess, I seldom read books (I prefer magazines though) so I rarely see book cover styles.  Plus the fact that I struggle with color combination and text styles, so yea I basically need to  amp up my knowledge on those.  I really wish we have separate classes for color selection, typography and lay out in the near future.  Or maybe I could just get this, this and this as a reference book no? A little info about the stock photo used, I took this photo from my NYC trip last year, on a park where the ferries dock and pick up passengers going to Liberty Island. It was really a hot day that some of the kids took advantage of this open fountain at the park. It was such a blissful thing to see kids playing around getting themselves soaked plus the fact that even some of the  teens and parents couldn’t resist not to join the fun too. ahh good times!
Book Cover Design

One Response to “Exercise #002/003: Layer Blending Modes and Text Fx”

  1. 1 Dang

    I love it that you are scarificing time and sleep and rest and yet you acknowledge it an still very happy. =) Sana I can be that when I go back to school. Muah! Great job!

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