Filipino Creativity


Festivals: Filipino Artistry at its Best

Pardon me if I’m deviating from sharing personal stories lately.Honestly, I do not have much time on my hands so I’m focusing on my art school experiences since I plan to move some of my posts into my own domain / online portfolio soon!

Two weeks ago, our instructor from Basic Photoshop Editing (BPE) asked us to create an artwork to showcase Filipino Creativity.  I knew from the start it would be a fun theme, but didn’t realize how hard it will be to conceptualize. Admittedly, one of my design weakness is conceptualization (though I’d like to think most of the artists do) since it is challenging task due to a lot of factors and for one that I know, most artists are hard to satisfy.

While aside from the items mentioned above, (based on my personal experience) other factors include the following:

  1. Pick a theme. Make sure the concept is unique.
  2. Research. Find design inspiration(s)
  3. Select Color Scheme
  4. Find photos  to use or create graphics else combination of both
  5. Select applicable Font Style (if text is needed)
  6. Create several drafts on paper

For this project, I came up with more than 5 drafts. Most of them came out as trash until I get to the last one which is a combination of elements  from the previous drafts. And just to give you an idea how picky I am when it comes to my own work, conceptualization for this took me a total of 3 days at the least.

Filipino creativity spans many aspects from colorful jeepneys, fashion, music, literature , etc.  Initially, I wanted to focus on Philippine Fashion since I have Philippine Fashion Week photos on stock. Later, I realized it would be better to focus on literature since N gave me a pretty unique idea. But later on, as expected, I changed my mind.

I took festivals as an inspiration for Filipino Creativity because it is highly a showcase of everything Filipino. Colorful decorated houses and floats, street parades where it includes  singing , dancing and unique costumes made of local materials. I also did a lot of color play since that’s what festivals is all about.

And not to brag about, but I’m so glad all my hard work  paid off. Our instructor will give me a plus 3 point incentive on our final project for doing an impressive job. Though I didn’t get to bag  the top score (someone got a 5 point incentive instead) I’m still very happy and thankful for having to come up with an artwork that is appreciated by many.

* Image Credits to the following:– pahiyas flower – pahiyas ornament -girl holding sto.nino



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