To squeeze in a little variation from all the art school posts I’ve been sharing lately.

I never realize that I have a current obsession for things in “cream” not until today. Maybe because summer has just landed and the feel of the warm breeze calls for soft and cool looking fabrics.  Or maybe, for its muted color that gives calmness to the eyes and nerves in which I needed right about now.

The Swatch ladies collection (double strap) which I recently bought for myself. I’ve doubts to buy it at first but later decided to reward myself for an accomplishment and just because I knew I deserve it. This will  be my staple casual timepiece for quite sometime because I believe the color just goes about with everything! Sleek!


I’m on  scout for the  lace dress that would perfectly fit me for quite some time now and just when I came across this dress around 2 weeks ago, I knew I have to get it. I’m attending a wedding by May and even it is about 2 months away, I’ve already decided to wear this just because it looks so dainty and delicate.

Alice Blue Candles. They are made of soy which makes them eco friendly. For the days when I want to get away in a snap even within the sense of smell. The Boracay Shores and White Tea & Ginger scent has been lingering on my room alternatively depending on what my mood calls.

And because I’m a sucker for ice cream (who doesn’t anyway?), I’ve been deviating from complicated flavors and reunited with the classic Plain Vanilla Ice cream. And for this version, accompanied with a drizzle of caramel syrup and a chunk of frozen nutella on top! Cream

How about you? What is your current obsession?

2 Responses to “Cream”

  1. 1 Dang

    I’ve been obsessed with white and red before, now, my current mood calls for royal purple! Ang nice ng watch, I personally like their zebra print strap! =)

    • Now I definitely know now why purple looks good on you! Because it calls for ‘power’ and ‘Royalty’ which is very you! Prinsesa/Ms. Universe!

      ps. and yes you can definitely rock prints!

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