Lessons for the week


because most of the time, we learn the most valuable lessons from the simple things life has to offer. And all you have to do, is sit down, relax, pray and contemplate.

  1. That surprises can make or break your week. You are valued by people more than what you think.
  2. And it doesn’t matter how long or short a message has to be to tell you are appreciated. Sometimes, the shortest notes are the sweetest notes.
  3. A rejection only means a delay. It may not happen today, but tomorrow it will –according to God’s blueprint. Be patient. A surprise awaits you.
  4. A day may start “wrong” but will definitely end with many “rights”. Pick yourself up, Smile.
  5. When you are blessed, the best thing to do is share it. Pay it Forward. Expect nothing in return.
  6. When you feel down, dress up. You’ll definitely feel better.
  7. At some point in your life, you will be rejected for being fashionable. “Maam bawal po maikli dito.”
  8. Honest to goodness talks with your best friend over lunch is always a good pick-me-upper for what seems to be a bad day
  9. When God closes the door, he then brings down all the walls for you to see what’s behind.
  10. Decision making will always be hard. All you have to do is pray, contemplate, trust your instincts, jump and believe.

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