Dear K


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Dear K,

It’s been a while since the last time I wrote you a letter. Or did I even write to you once? See, I guess it’s been that long to the point that I can’t really remember. Today, I thought to take time, sit down and write as we both tilt our glasses up and celebrate another year of your existence.

I remember a decade ago how you always wanted to grow up so fast. You’ve always dream of being at you prime, discovering the world on your own and what more life has to offer. Your 25th will be known as the best year to date. It was the year when you set foot in 42nd corner Broadway, bought your most coveted piece of gadget when since you were 15, send yourself back to school with your hard earned money and * pause* your first heartbreak. It was a sea full of emotions, dream catching, changes and growth – and yes that defines the word AWESOME in my own dictionary.

This month, as you turn a year older, I want you to beat that past year. Claim the word AWESOME(R) even if we all know no such word exists. And as you challenge yourself to do that, take with you these words of wisdom and let them serve as your armor and inspiration as you face another year ahead.

Believe and Take Courage. It all starts within you. Believe that you can. Appreciate yourself. You are not perfect but you are beautiful beyond words. Take the urge to move/ chase/ leap. Everything starts with the decision to try- to do something. And when you do, commit and put your heart into it.

Chase Dreams, Pursue your Passions. Always keep in mind that it is never too late to run after your own desires. Age ain’t nothing but a number. Don’t let it stop you. Keep dreaming, add them down to your bucket list, chase them and feel the freedom as you slowly cross everything down. Throughout this years I’ve realized that if you don’t come after these things, they will in the end come right after you. So don’t wait any longer. Start now. Go after that unexplainable source of enthusiasms you have for life. Put on those running shoes, chase/ run until you get to the destination they call DREAMLAND.

Discover Yourself, Be Independent. I know that you haven’t realized the value of knowing yourself not until lately. But now that you already know, I want you to generously spend time with yourself. Try new things. Experiment. Create beautiful things called Art. Travel. Meet and converse with strangers. Take long walks. Feel free. Appreciate the gift of silence. Converse with yourself – it is through these things that you get to know yourself better. Know what you want. (and as long as you do not hurt anyone) Do what you want.

Do not be Afraid to Get Yourself Hurt along the Process. Nobody said a perfect pavement is laid out for you. Relationships, circumstance, expectations will try to put you down but always try to remember to get yourself together. You are strong and you know it. Do not be afraid to fail. Problems are nothing because you’ve got a big God to back you up. It is only a matter of choice to keep going. Be proud of your scars, they are reminders of your past, a significance of strength. Take healing seriously and when the time comes that you are ready, it all starts with point #1, Believe and take courage , dust your shoulders and  and try again.

And throughout the journey, always Be Grateful. Give Praise. Appreciate the smallest of things. It is the secret to happiness that only wise people would know. Be thankful for your family, music, friends to keep you grounded, sunshine, new mornings, pain, opportunities and everything in between because you are nothing without these. So appreciate, give props, be generous with thank you’s and give praise to the Provider above.

So  as you take this new chapter, take a grip, put your seat belt on, push forward, discover the world without fear, work harder and keep elevating —  because the Universe is waiting for nothing but an AWESOME you. Go get it!

<3 K (July 2011, Boracay)

Ps. I’m proud you made it this far. Again, happy birthday!

One Response to “Dear K”

  1. after reading this post, I just wanna stand up and give you three slow claps :) very inspiring, k..

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