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Hala Bira 2012 from Karen Anne on Vimeo. Because I feel that this festival is underrated¬† and definitely could use some free promotion. The product upon realizing that I need to do my part in educating the people about its beauty. Filipinos must be proud to have this festival around. Go watch. Definitely More Fun […]

So I just got back from my to Ati-atihan Kalibo – Boracay trip and guess what? I’m inspired and planning more trips this year! Having a mental note of all the trips I’m looking forward to, I realize I need to have it documented, well for the benefit of my *uhm* bad memory February – […]



Click here to view the photobook in action Another milestone to my photography (slash) design journey. My first event coverage as the main photographer (and no longer a back-up) *Confetti!*¬† Add to that, my very first photo book design! I guess the first one would always be the hardest but the most fulfilling of them […]