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You know you are happy when: You’ve down several bottle of beers in daylight and you still feel 100% sober You don’t care if your hair is neat because in your heart it only means the messier it gets the more fun you are having. You dance when nobody else does. You dance whatever kind […]

View the photobook live here. What happens when you get to work with your best friend? A duo of passionate women who aims to unleash theĀ  beauty every woman possess. Photography: Me Hair/Make-up: Dang Villanueva (a.k.a neurochiq)

What do I like the most about this photo? EVERYTHING. 1. For being able to freeze time through photos and making people realize/ feel they are beautiful 2. working with one of my closest girlfriend since high school, Dang. 3. For doing what I love to do the most, Photography. 4. Bonus: I get paid […]