Dear MIA


I’ve been told that you are in a terrible situation right now. My mind is blank and don’t know what I should feel. My tears are starting to gather on the side of my eye but  somehow my mind tells me not to let them fall because I am a strong woman.

My wallet is in its poorest state as long as I can remember.  But to think that you are sick, left on someone else’s garage is hard to imagine. I don’t know what keeps me moving but  I’m willing to pay the price just to get you out, in good condition and back on the road. Maybe because of knowing that I have no choice, or maybe because of the courage that I know we can make through.

Mind vs. the heart. I feel sorry for myself for having almost zero money left in my purse. However faith is keeping me grounded to tell my heart that bad days will be over soon. God will provide so we never have to worry. Prayers to the sky hoping that it is true.

I can’t wait for Easter Sunday to come, then maybe just like brother J, I will be relieved, reincarnated, ready for a brand new start.

Please get better cause I can’t wait to see you again.

***bumperkisses***, K

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