Bday Wishlist 2012


Not necessarily a list of gifts I wanted to have but a list of things I want to accomplish <slash get> for my birthday month. and because I’d like to think that Law of attraction and Mark 7:7 works.

  1. Decent set of earphones (monster/ajays)
  2. Beige/ navy blazer
  3. The Happiness Project (one sentence journal or the book)
  4. Red/ dip dye hair (or maybe any new hair color I guess?)
  5. new reading glasses
  6. Clarity of mind
  7. Well groomed brows (LOL)
  8. Ukelele (Impulsive want! If there’s such a term)
  9. New Shoes (Cause a girl can’t have enough)
  10. Name and a logo for my events photography business
  11. Website/ Domain for my portfolio
  12. New set of business cards (for freelance job)
  13. More freelance jobs (!)
  14. Calligraphy starter set (and the learning continues)
  15. Art (photography/ digital design) Books
  16. A clean and organized room (I know it doesn’t need a special occasion to do this, but with my current schedule, I need someone to come over and help me out!)
  17. Travel (done!)
  18. Throw a party for my friends who kept me grounded for a rough year that has been! (whew)
  19. Make 3 people happy (randomly throw a surprise to someone I knew or barely knew)
  20. And a love letter to self

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