Thoughts on my (ideal) wedding


Hearing my sister rant and stress about her upcoming wedding makes me randomly think of mine (not that I’m planning to anytime soon) but just for documentation purposes. and yes because I forget about almost everything, so I try to write/ draw every thought I came up with.. I am not all hands with my sister’s preparations but with all these wedding concerns/ issues I am overhearing between my sister/ mom/ his husband to be/ my brother, man, I am definitely up for a not-so stressful one. By all means, who wants a stressed face on her special day?

With this, I’ve come up with random ideas on how I want my special day (including preparations) to be

1. Rule #1: This is my wedding so every decision must be made by US (me and my husband to be) and that means suggestions are welcome but parents cannot impose on anything. Even if that includes them paying for the food of the guests they wanted to invite.

2. Since I have already mentioned guests from #1, Guests are limited to 50 max. I want the celebration to be intimate where I can mingle, dance & have drinks with every person in the room (or beach. bleh). I don’t know how I would do this, with my friends coming from all walks of life but I guess it will all comes to me ranking who are the most important people in my life and who are those people who would definitely care to spend that special day with me.

3. Location: Out of town. This will help me limit my guests with people who will consider traveling to the wedding venue. After all, if my wedding really means a lot to them, then I should expect them to go all the way out for me. yea?

4. All expenses paid by US (the couple). Parents, ninong, ninangs, etc are NOT welcome to pay for the cake, bridal car, photography service or any other wedding expense. Of course, gifts are welcome AFTER the wedding but definitely not before. I don’t want anyone breathing behind my back and whispering, “I paid for that.”

5. Budget and DIYs. I don’t want to blow out my savings to spend on a day. Yes, this is a once in a lifetime event, but you can still have a pretty decent wedding or any event for that matter if you plan and stick  to what you can only afford. Since I am a crafter by heart (I’d like to think of it that way). I am making almost everything with my own hands. (but of course friends are welcome to help out too!)  I think by being able to make everything from scratch, you not only get to save $$$ but you get to make custom pieces and be able to bond as well with those people who are willing to give an extra hand! Win, win! yes? and oh my, I’ve already thought of things I can design or do by myself. From save the date cards, wedding invites, giveaways, guests table cards, guestbooks, custom give aways, and even photobooth props and back drop! and if only I can shoot my own wedding. I will!

Ah.. that’s it for now. Guess I’ve set the grounds this early. Shall I start looking for that Husband-to-be?

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