Why pixelgraffiti.wordpress.com?
I’ve just adapted my multiply’s username as to avoid confusion. That’s why I sticked to the name pixelgraffiti.

You already have multiply, why not post your photoblogs there?
Multiply ranked next to friendster’s popularity among Filipinos. The addiction of Filipinos into multiply has gone stronger including me. I’ve chosen wordpress to host my photoblog as to not flood my friend’s inboxes with such personal updates that would be irrelevant for them. Thus this photoblog is merely for people who are REALLY interested with what’s happening with my life.

Why a photoblog?
This section would keep all my photos for my 365 photo-a-day project. I would be trying my best to keep a photoblog of my day to day encounter with the world. Not only would this help me to keep track of my day to day routines for 2009 but I’m also hoping that this would somehow enhance my writing skills.So join me on my rollercoaster ride for the year 2009 with these photos.

Edit (10/14/2009): Ok, admit, I failed on the 365 project. But I’ll still continue to update this blog with post worthy photos.

Who is lumiere?
Lumiere is my camera’s name. a Nikon D40.

Why Lumiere?
Lumiere is a french word for light.

Why “Lumiere winks 365 times”?
I consider every click of my camera a wink, as the camera basically winks/ blinks (reverse) as it captures a photo. 365 times because I aim to post 365 a year, thus concluding a photo a day.

Tell us something about yourself.

  • an aspiring photographer
  • a hip hop and rnb lover
  • a youth serving the youth
  • a QA analyst
  • a chocolate lover
  • a sucker for desserts
  • loves going out
  • loves creating her own
  • is into streetwear
  • hearts dancing
  • is into graphics and webdesign
  • a God fearing person
  • loves making other people happy
  • Manila based
  • Filipino / Filipina / Pinoy

Do you have other websites?
yes, http://pixelgraffiti.multiply.com and http://flickr.com/kvillar

2 Responses to “About”

  1. i love you karennnn!:*

  2. Hi, nice to meet you !

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