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BBB List #001


A new possession named Sky to hopefully allow me to serve more people such as family and close friends Heartwarming text messages from satisfied clients to keep reminding me the sole purpose why I got into this business  Working with your closest not to mention creative friends doing the things you love — Dream Team! […]

View the photobook live here. What happens when you get to work with your best friend? A duo of passionate women who aims to unleash the  beauty every woman possess. Photography: Me Hair/Make-up: Dang Villanueva (a.k.a neurochiq)

Mi Amore


As I station myself on the driver’s seat, turned on the engine followed by the stereo, queued  a disc labeled ‘MIA’s first CD’, I stare blankly  at the dashboard, thinking “So this is how it feels like”. This is how it feels like, to see yourself fast forward to the dreams you’ve mind mapped since […]

Going Solo


Friend: Fascinates me you traveled alone. Me: You know what’s even more fascinating? It is when you go solo and that big Guy up above sends angels to journey with you. I think that’s the beauty of solo traveling, when you get to meet strangers, converse and exchange beautiful “life” stories. Backtrack three months ago,  […]



Click here to view the photobook in action Another milestone to my photography (slash) design journey. My first event coverage as the main photographer (and no longer a back-up) *Confetti!*  Add to that, my very first photo book design! I guess the first one would always be the hardest but the most fulfilling of them […]

Heart beat


Tonight I came across two things that told me to do better than I am today: 1. Email Re: Dj Spinna (google if you don’t know him). Tomorrow he spins, I’ll take photos. music x photography , couldn’t get any better. 2. This Link: *click* and so, Keep talking because you’ll never know whose […]

I’ve always wanted to capture these colorful looking balloons for the longest time. 4 years after, at last I was able to do so, and below is my story. Together with my friends from church, we left our place way past two in the morning, as some friends who were able to experience it for […]

Twenty-ten  is nearing its end. Malls and supermarkets are packed with busy people getting ready to welcome a new year.  For me, I choose to pause,  step back, look on the year that (almost) passed and evaluate on the list I’ve written a year ago a.k.a. My 2010 Goals. So let’s start shall we? For […]

Usually at this time of the year, November, I’m enjoying the cold weather, anticipating my favorite season of the year, Christmas. But this year I think will be an exception. I may still have the inner giggles in me, feeling excited with the holiday season, but on top of that, I cannot wait for it […]

  My November is becoming to be an “artistically driven” month. I remember on my previous post that it is supposed to be a “Christmas preparation” month, but on top of that I managed to entertain my creative soul. It all started when I was Amazon shopping. Upon checkout, I came to realize that almost […]