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Click here to view the photobook in action Another milestone to my photography (slash) design journey. My first event coverage as the main photographer (and no longer a back-up) *Confetti!*  Add to that, my very first photo book design! I guess the first one would always be the hardest but the most fulfilling of them […]

Finding more fulfillment with things that are not commissioned a.k.a. self declared projects. Experimenting with facebook’s cover photo+ a new primary photo . A digital Chalkboard/Shout out board!! How you likin’ it? Disclaimer: Family and friends, expect my cover photo to change from time to time. I’m currently enjoying writing in this chalkboard plus the […]

Ira Glass on Storytelling from David Shiyang Liu on Vimeo.   This puts a definition to what I’m feeling every time I get into anything creative. Couldn’t stop smiling (and nodding) for every line being said. On point.

I’m not really a fan of Animes but our instructor advised us to color this one as an exercise. If given a choice, I’ll pick the minions (Despicable me) over this. This technique has a love-hate effect on me. Why? Probably because it is harder than I thought. Which Part? Identifying shadows and highlights. But […]

Pardon me if I’m deviating from sharing personal stories lately.Honestly, I do not have much time on my hands so I’m focusing on my art school experiences since I plan to move some of my posts into my own domain / online portfolio soon! Two weeks ago, our instructor from Basic Photoshop Editing (BPE) asked […]

School is turning out to be more challenging than what I expected. With a full time job to juggle on top of school and home works,  lately I’ve been getting an average of 4-5 hr sleep a day. Oh well, I’m not complaining,  I knew this move will bring me to a lot of sacrifices […]

If you haven’t heard the news, I’m back to school! But no, I’m not taking any post graduate I.T. courses. Instead, I’m into digital arts school! Yep, heard it right. So here’s our first exercise using Photoshop — Selections. How ironic I avoided this tool as much as I can since the first time I […]

Usually at this time of the year, November, I’m enjoying the cold weather, anticipating my favorite season of the year, Christmas. But this year I think will be an exception. I may still have the inner giggles in me, feeling excited with the holiday season, but on top of that, I cannot wait for it […]

I’m pretty sure this is what I want to do with my life. Anything related to photos, Photshop, Lightroom, a pen tablet and such. It is my natural stimulant that keeps me awake and acts as if its better than caffeine on my body. Tell you what,  I was awake till 3 in the morning […]

  My November is becoming to be an “artistically driven” month. I remember on my previous post that it is supposed to be a “Christmas preparation” month, but on top of that I managed to entertain my creative soul. It all started when I was Amazon shopping. Upon checkout, I came to realize that almost […]