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Hearing my sister rant and stress about her upcoming wedding makes me randomly think of mine (not that I’m planning to anytime soon) but just for documentation purposes. and yes because I forget about almost everything, so I try to write/ draw every thought I came up with.. I am not all hands with my […]

Mi Amore


As I station myself on the driver’s seat, turned on the engine followed by the stereo, queued  a disc labeled ‘MIA’s first CD’, I stare blankly  at the dashboard, thinking “So this is how it feels like”. This is how it feels like, to see yourself fast forward to the dreams you’ve mind mapped since […]

Going Solo


Friend: Fascinates me you traveled alone. Me: You know what’s even more fascinating? It is when you go solo and that big Guy up above sends angels to journey with you. I think that’s the beauty of solo traveling, when you get to meet strangers, converse and exchange beautiful “life” stories. Backtrack three months ago,  […]

Dear K


Dear K, It’s been a while since the last time I wrote you a letter. Or did I even write to you once? See, I guess it’s been that long to the point that I can’t really remember. Today, I thought to take time, sit down and write as we both tilt our glasses up […]



Hours before 2010 gives way to a new year, I decided to clean my room (as most of the people I knew did the same),  and allow a space for this. A leap forward to my dedication for this year, digital art school and such,  a tool to produce better  (post-worthy) digital art works like […]

Blueprint 2011


Hours before we leap to another  year, I send myself  to the nearest coffee shop, squeezing a few hours of “me” time and write a blueprint of my 2011, a vision of what I wish and for see the coming year to be. Admittedly, it was hard for me to write down everything on one […]

Twenty-ten  is nearing its end. Malls and supermarkets are packed with busy people getting ready to welcome a new year.  For me, I choose to pause,  step back, look on the year that (almost) passed and evaluate on the list I’ve written a year ago a.k.a. My 2010 Goals. So let’s start shall we? For […]

Time flies and the year is nearing its end. I know it’s a bit early to conclude that 2010 has been a great year, but it is safe to say that it has been a roller coaster ride of emotions. There’s still a lot of things to do  left for 2010, and just to keep […]

Day 023: Fast


Fast. Capturing motion inside Enchanted Kingdom. 2009.01.23 : Just like the photo, the week flies fast. It’s friday once again and another busy weekend should be up ahead. Moving on, today’s not the usual payday. Received some extra bucks from the tax refund thingy. Opened an auto save up bank account so most of them goes directly to the bank. […]

My 2008 and 2009, Belle de Jour Planners that I truly love. 2009.01.11 : Just around 630pm today, I finished my goal setting for year twenty -o- nine. yes, I should have completed it before 2009 starts, but been busy, with.. hmm hella lot! =P Goal Setting for 2009 is my version of everyone’s New […]