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You know you are happy when: You’ve down several bottle of beers in daylight and you still feel 100% sober You don’t care if your hair is neat because in your heart it only means the messier it gets the more fun you are having. You dance when nobody else does. You dance whatever kind […]

Mi Amore


As I station myself on the driver’s seat, turned on the engine followed by the stereo, queued  a disc labeled ‘MIA’s first CD’, I stare blankly  at the dashboard, thinking “So this is how it feels like”. This is how it feels like, to see yourself fast forward to the dreams you’ve mind mapped since […]

Hostels are one of the friendliest places on earth Chileans look cute when they “Sing and dance” ( at the same time and in Spanish) Manila is not what you think it is. It has an inner beauty hidden that you have to discover within the streets of malate, makati, cubao and taguig. Manila street […]

Ira Glass on Storytelling from David Shiyang Liu on Vimeo.   This puts a definition to what I’m feeling every time I get into anything creative. Couldn’t stop smiling (and nodding) for every line being said. On point.

Dear Me


Dear K, you know the drill, tomorrow will be a better.  Positive perspective, keep on, keep on.

*TRIVIA: That’s my handwriting right thurrr.

Heart beat


Tonight I came across two things that told me to do better than I am today: 1. Email Re: Dj Spinna (google if you don’t know him). Tomorrow he spins, I’ll take photos. music x photography , couldn’t get any better. 2. This Link: *click* and so, Keep talking because you’ll never know whose […]

Dear K


Dear K, It’s been a while since the last time I wrote you a letter. Or did I even write to you once? See, I guess it’s been that long to the point that I can’t really remember. Today, I thought to take time, sit down and write as we both tilt our glasses up […]

I feel like I don’t own any explanation to anyone else. And if you are about to ask me what happened, I “just might” tell  why. But if I don’t, peep the video below and please do me a favor,  finish it up to the last minute. ps.  And just to let you know, I’m […]

Do not date me


Designers stand up! I just have to repost this because: I agree 100% to most of the points. True, but definitely funny. If you are somehow uncomfortable with my weird personality, this may help you understand me better. I’d like to believe I can attach the word “designer” next to my name after school is […]