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10-06-2011,  death of Steve Jobs. 10-06-2011, the same day this photo gained 61 likes on facebook and x number of comments to date. I’ve got a strong feeling I’m next.

Ok so I’m about to throw a random challenge upon myself wherein I decided to answer 30 questions in 30 days (from here). Ready? Day 1: Five ways to win your heart 1. Emits an aura of self confidence where it doesn’t reach the boundary of being c*cky. 2. Spontaneous (in a good way) 3. […]

Ever since 2009 began, my life had turned pretty much different. More responsibilities, Less time for self. Sometimes, when I think about it, I can’t even imagine how I survive with a very hectic schedule. Juggling time between the family, bf, friends,work, photography, church and LATA . Now I encourage you to do the math! […]

Day 054: luck?


Mt. Pinatubo crater, the majestic volcano.  Destructive in the past, now truly is one of God’s wonderful creation. 2008.02.24 : At long last,I was able to finish post processing photos I’ve got from the majestic volcano. My Pinatubo trip was a blast! See more photos here  or at my flickr  So much about the Pinatubo trip, […]

Day 006: Poser


  Just me. 2009.01.06 : I got this photo from Maya’s multiply. It’s a photo of me posing on top of a bldg in Mandaluyong.Tried processing it a bit. Taken the same day we shoot at the helipad. I know I know, I’m a photographer not a model. I just tried it, ok? :P Thanks […]

Day 001: Dots


  Fruits displayed on the New Year’s dinner table. 2009.01.01 : First of all, Happy New year! Today’s the first day of the year 2009. First photoblog even. It has always been a family tradition to wear circles, decorate circles and even eat circles on new year as the chinese would say it would bring Goodluck. […]