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Do not date me


Designers stand up! I just have to repost this because: I agree 100% to most of the points. True, but definitely funny. If you are somehow uncomfortable with my weird personality, this may help you understand me better. I’d like to believe I can attach the word “designer” next to my name after school is […]

Blueprint 2011


Hours before we leap to another  year, I send myself  to the nearest coffee shop, squeezing a few hours of “me” time and write a blueprint of my 2011, a vision of what I wish and for see the coming year to be. Admittedly, it was hard for me to write down everything on one […]

Twenty-ten  is nearing its end. Malls and supermarkets are packed with busy people getting ready to welcome a new year.  For me, I choose to pause,  step back, look on the year that (almost) passed and evaluate on the list I’ve written a year ago a.k.a. My 2010 Goals. So let’s start shall we? For […]

From time to time I am obsessed about a specific food, gadget, fashion style, et al. Currently on my list are: Buffalo/ Hot Wings Lately, I’ve been on the look out for the best  buffalo wings in town. Currently on the top of my list are Bugsy’s and Wingman’s. I have yet to try Charlie’s […]

I’ve never felt confident with online shopping not until I met .  (No this is not a paid ad,  if you may) — My brother just came back from California for a 2 week vaca and guess what? A quarter of his luggage contains my online buys!!! From Top to Bottom: 1. Revivex Boot […]

I  never considered myself a book buff, but yes I do read a lot of blogs, and magazines but not books.  But lately, I find myself on bookstores and amidst the crowd, the recent held Manila International Book Fair at SMX. I’ve realized it’s high time to invest on books as it would help me […]

and reasons why I am not updating… Shopping gifts for my cousins in Canada Clients from D.C. visiting the Manila office D.C. Client Presentations that got me stressed all week personal issues regarding Love DIY Nail art Spyder 3 Monitor Calibration thinking about huge decisions that I have to make SOON.

The boyfriend just turned a year older! And guess what I had for him? A surprise birthday party with his Highschool (H.S.) friends. (Sorry other friends, I wasn’t able to invite everyone. reason: limited resource) So for this post, I would just like to take note on how I crossed out one entry (or two, […]

Life has been frustrating at the same time depressing for me lately. Most of the people around me are climbing up the corporate ladder, reaching their dreams, doing what they love the most, as if the heavens agrees with them always. I am caught in this depressing situation over and over. Getting sad, seeing myself […]

Most of the time, my weekends are jampacked. Of course, the past weekend was no exception. Though it was a bit stressful with all the tasks that I had to do for the Christ the King celebration (was tasked to lead all the Youth Ministry celebrations btw), there were those worth-to-mention moments that really made […]