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As I write this post, I’m speechless and my heart is wrecked just like our furnitures caused by Typhoon Ketsana. It was the worst calamity I’ve ever witnessed and experienced. My heart is broken not because I lost my bed, cabinet and some of our house furnitures but because I feel bad seeing other people […]

Today, I’m starting a new section on my blog. I realized, since my weekends are fully packed and almost every month I am out of town, then why not share it to you dearies on where I’ve been and what I did during the weekend. I’m calling it Weekend Out of Town or Woot! for […]

I’m a deep thinker and most of the time I think of random things throughout the day. Just like what I’ve mentioned on my previous posts, bf says that I think too much and most of the time he often see me with a blank stare, thinking deeply, to the point that I don’t notice […]

Oh it’s Monday! How fast the long weekend went. So how did you spent yours? Mine, as expected, it was a busy one, full packed! Friday: I was up early even though it was a holiday. Bf and I were in search for a net book for his sister. We went to Gilmore to bargain […]



Dear blog, Yes, you’re not dreaming, I’m writing to you again after a long hiatus. I’m sorry for being such a lazy head. The past weeks have been busy, I’m out for most of the time. I’m writing to you to let you know everything and when such time that I’ll catch Alzheimer’s, hopefully then […]

meet ME-ME!


POKE ME 10 times for not updating! haha. ok blame it on me, i’ve been wanting to do an update and post my reviews on some products but my lappie had to be formatted and I lost all my apps including Photoshop! thus I can’t post any photos . For the mean time, I’m claiming […]



here’s something short and sweet… HAPPY SILVER ANNIVERSARY TO MY MOM AND DAD! I hope your love for each other still grows even if you’re apart. Love you both! x.s. I feel bad that I don’t have a gift for them since dad’s away. But I’m planning something special for them both when dad visits […]

Similar to the Ipod ads eh? I admit, this photo was inspired by the Ipod silhouettes found on their marketing paraphernalia. Long before I had a dSLR and was hooked into photography, I was already a fan of silhouettes. I am fascinated by the simple yet striking effect that it exhibits. This is my entry […]

Goodies my mom got me straight from Japan. My mom visited Japan for almost 2 weeks, and I must admit, even though she yells and scolds me at times,  I still missed her. But anyways, she’s back now, so everything’s back to normal for me, I can go home anytime I want and not worry […]



Using my makeshift studio. Desklamp + my trusty ‘ol D40  I know I rarely post a photo of me here, so this time, allow me to share to you what I did on a sunday night. Initially, I just wanted to try out my newly bought Ellianto (korean makeup brand) eyeliner gel, but then I realized that ever […]