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Disclaimer: Snapshot photos ahead. I usually look forward on weekends (who doesn’t anyway?)  as it is my ME time, my time out, my do-whatever-I- want time. I look forward to the days that I can go to the mall, spend time with the S.O., attend church meetings,  out of town trips, try a new food […]

Hey I’m turning a year older this weekend! *Sigh!* and just to make things on the positive side, I’m celebrating my birthday the whole weekend , with my close friends and love ones. I’ve already laid out the plans and hopefully all goes well tonight and the coming days. Friday : Karaoke with my officemates […]

My first take on portrait/beauty processing. The before and after image. Still busy and hyped with the photos I took from last Saturday’s fun shoot with the boys.  Last night, I tried to learn a new workflow for processing portrait and close-up photos. Whew! I tell you, its tedious.  One photo took me at least […]

Guess what I found from the bf’s backpack today? Finders Keepers! It was a stainless steel Esprit watch.  A perfect surprise to end a  supposed to be “blah” monday. Just to let you know, the bf’s (nean) not really good in keeping secrets and suprises with me. I usually can guess if he is up to something, […]

Lately, I’ve looking back on my life, my accomplishments and what’s yet to achieve. I’ve been pondering on a few things that I do think I have to do before I reach 30. Some needs long term planning and execution while most of them were short term. Yes, I’m a dreamer myself and I do […]

D@mn pissed. Why can’t some people utter words such “May I borrow?”. Caught her (again) for the nth time using my stuff without me knowing. This is not the 1st, the 2nd , 3rd or even the fourth! Nth time. More than my fingers can count! Can you believe? Why can’t she get her own? […]

Last night, I woke up twice. I can still remember waking up with a fast heartbeat recalling the bad dream that I just had, fire falling straight from the sky. It was like a scene from the Exodus, the plagues , but this time it was fire instead of hail. The second time I was […]

Ever since 2009 began, my life had turned pretty much different. More responsibilities, Less time for self. Sometimes, when I think about it, I can’t even imagine how I survive with a very hectic schedule. Juggling time between the family, bf, friends,work, photography, church and LATA . Now I encourage you to do the math! […]

I’m writing in transit bound to Las Pinas. The weather’s been weird lately. It was supposed to be summer but raining. Speaking of, i’m praying for a good weather on the weekend. A few more days before the yearly College Group camp. One of the most anticipated yearly events of our group. Being the coordinator, […]

Killing time


Writing again straight from the hospital. Seating from the operating room’s waiting area. No, my mom didn’t undergo surgery again. I’m just seating here for 2 reasons 1. My mom asked me to leave her room because she and her friend needs to talk about some personal issues 2. This hospital lacks a lobby for […]