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Hearing my sister rant and stress about her upcoming wedding makes me randomly think of mine (not that I’m planning to anytime soon) but just for documentation purposes. and yes because I forget about almost everything, so I try to write/ draw every thought I came up with.. I am not all hands with my […]

You know you are happy when: You’ve down several bottle of beers in daylight and you still feel 100% sober You don’t care if your hair is neat because in your heart it only means the messier it gets the more fun you are having. You dance when nobody else does. You dance whatever kind […]



That Christmas is almost here and I find it weird that I’m not overly anticipating just like before. Funny how I’m feeling sad today yet excited because better days are yet to come. 2012, enthusiastic what the new year would bring. (and on that note, I need to start my 2011 evaluation and start my […]

Dear Me


Dear K, you know the drill, tomorrow will be a better.  Positive perspective, keep on, keep on.

Reposting from a friend who tagged me over a facebook note. Not  because it is certainly fitting to what I’m going through right about now, but in addition will always be a reminder that everybody needs a closing cycle at some point in life. One always has to know when a stage comes to an […]

I feel like a headless chicken. An average of 4  hour sleep is unhealthy yet I like it because I don’t need to deal with unhappy dreams. I have numerous projects to finish, ideas are overwhelming. Summer weather is friggin hot, yet I bought a trench coat last weekend. I’ve been putting up with my […]

I feel like I don’t own any explanation to anyone else. And if you are about to ask me what happened, I “just might” tell  why. But if I don’t, peep the video below and please do me a favor,  finish it up to the last minute. ps.  And just to let you know, I’m […]

Do not date me


Designers stand up! I just have to repost this because: I agree 100% to most of the points. True, but definitely funny. If you are somehow uncomfortable with my weird personality, this may help you understand me better. I’d like to believe I can attach the word “designer” next to my name after school is […]

because most of the time, we learn the most valuable lessons from the simple things life has to offer. And all you have to do, is sit down, relax, pray and contemplate. That surprises can make or break your week. You are valued by people more than what you think. And it doesn’t matter how […]

Blueprint 2011


Hours before we leap to another  year, I send myself  to the nearest coffee shop, squeezing a few hours of “me” time and write a blueprint of my 2011, a vision of what I wish and for see the coming year to be. Admittedly, it was hard for me to write down everything on one […]